For That Case Is Important for Pets?

Posted by Dog citizen in 21/Sep/2015-

May facilitate transport boxes, and, to your life with the dog, especially during trips or only on car rides.

Dogs are animals of “play”, so if used the right way, the transport box can be a place where your pet feel safe and protected. She should not be torture for the little dog, much less a form of punishment.

step 1: choosing the transport carton

It is crucial that you choose a box that your pet feel comfortable and have enough space to lie down, stand up and turn around.

step 2: how to used my dog to stay inside her?

When you need to travel and have to take the pet along, the containment box will be your best friend. Lest he be surprised right away, look for used the dog with the plays in everyday life.

Leave it open in the House, so he can get in and out of her whenever I want. Never hold there, as a form of punishment. The box shall be a place he associates with good things.

To make the pet get used, search leave a clothes with your smell so that the dog start to familiarize yourself with the site, leave snacks and toys inside, so that it can entertain and learn to like it there.

It is important to strengthen that, at first, you should leave the door open, so that the dog can come and go as you please. Gradually, begin to close the door for a few seconds and reward the pet. This will cause it to associate the contention with something yummy. The more familiar and cozy look to box him, fewer problems the pet will have.

For those who like to travel or a car with the pet constantly, it is important to realize that training with the pet, because the transport box is, above all, something that keeps your pet safe and avoiding accidents during travels.


  • Never associate the shipping box the bad things. She must be the favorite location of the dog.
    • The box must have the correct size so that the pet can lie down, stand up and turn around, without any problem.
    • Keep the box in an airy place indoors, preferably near the place where the residents ‘ movement, because the dog likes to be near your group and this will make the pet more easily adapts to the box.
    • Never let the dog away for a long time, without supervision. It should only be there by the time of the trip, and if it is too long, try and make stops for the dog can get off and stretch their legs.

Source: Book Smart Training, Alexander Rossi.