Forecast for Apple Watch

While emerge via the iPhone 6 almost daily new rumors and alleged images on the net, it remains iWatch suspicious the long awaited quietly – except by even more, even less wild speculations. And that is can appear until 2015 the Apple Smartwatch of likely for good reason, because according to the renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

In a report published by MacRumors by Ming-Chi Kuo renews the Apple Exeperte by KGI securities raised its forecast for the iWatch:. “We repeat our view that first attempt with the iWatch a wearable product to produce is connected with great difficulty Apple ‘s” Kuo writes in it. Especially in comparison to existing product classes, the hurdles many times be greater, not only in terms of design and production, but also in the integration of hardware and software.

His conclusion is already in a report from July, that the iWatch can come only in the coming year on the market. Kuo is a respected expert thanks to an impressive series of successful predictions about Apple’s corporate strategy in the tech scene. And his arguments for the shift of the iWatch definitely make sense.

Production problems delay iWatch release

According to Kuo production problems are main reason for shift to next year in the iWatch could be solved so far. This applies to the sapphire glass, its use even with the iPhone 6 speculated at the same time and there is little doubt – it is currently simply not possible to provide the material in the required quantities.

On the other hand probably remain problems with the battery of the iWatch, Apple has still not been satisfactorily resolved. For long life, just an everyday object such as a watch must have accordingly a before the unit needs to be recharged, otherwise it will assert itself in the consumer – weak battery performance is the current units of the competition finally regularly in the negative column of the test reports.