Freckle Makeup Trend

Hidden under layers of makeup, hated by so many who, freckles are cross and delight for millions of women. The 2015, however, the beauty trend of the year, and even those who crowned he can recreate the freckles with makeup!

After years of hiding them (who knows why!) finally freckles back in fashion and explode literally on the faces of all women! Those lucky enough to have them not to do anything except put them emphasis on natural, without covering them with heavy foundations and powders but brighten the entire face with another beauty trend in terms of make up for 2015: the trick strobing. Freckles are proudly displayed on the faces of beautiful women and famous, like the super top Bar Refaeli, Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss, but also of actresses like Emma Watson, Julianne Moore and Eva Green.

Freckles are widespread among women with red hair and pale skin, but there is no shortage of examples, albeit rarer, of women with dark hair or blonde hair, although the skin of the Moon seems to be indeed a constant. The freckles give an aura of sympathy to the face, which always seems to be eternally young, then women who may vantarle should never try and aiming camouflage with makeup: are a feature should be emphasized, not to hide. The 2015 requires the freckles mania as a trend, but what do you do if your skin doesn’t have freckles? Simple: we create with make up!

The makeup artist Linda Hallberg from Beautypically showed a large number of tutorials on youtube channel and recreate freckles is not difficult at all, so that all you need is a pencil, in two colors (dark and light brown); If you don’t want to purchase the pencil created ad hoc, you can still recreate freckles with a pencil for eyes or eyebrows, always alternating darker spots and lighter. It is important that the pencils are well tempered, not to create too big, and that speckles are distributed on the nose and on its sides. Try, of course, not to make all equal points, would look unnatural. Once dotted the face, pour in the fingertip and then fixed with a mineral powder, preferably.