Frederique Constant Watches

The men’s Watch “classics” manufacture of Frederique Constant. Elegant, timeless design.

With a very young for the luxury watchmaking history, established the Swiss brand of Frederique constant in the highly competitive market and is now a serious size. The recipe for success of CEO Peter Stas: Another definition of luxury.

At the Hotel Adlon, we encounter the man who founded a watch brand just 25 years ago, which is now called in the same breath with ancient Swiss manufacturers such as Piaget, Parmigiani and Vacheron Constantin. The appearance of Peter Stas is pleasantly calm. He drinks still water, is superbly dressed, wearing seal ring, he seems relaxed. He also might, after all, his family-run company growing about 25 percent – in the year. A number of some other, long-established watch brands can only dream about. Peter Stas has long been regarded as an outsider, has many other made – and apparently somehow better.

A Young History as a Book

in 1988, the Dutch founded the Frederique Constant brand together with his wife. At the time Manager for the electronics group of Philips, it was more a passion that led him to the company.He speaks of passion today. On a personal, familial connection to the watches – his great-grandfather once produced dials – based this passion, which is regarded as the fundamental value of Frederique Constant. Also the company name produces a familial connection: it is composed of the two names of the grandfathers of Stas and his wife. “Live your passion” is also the title of the book about the factory and building the brand. But why write about a relatively short company history? “This is just the story of people who still live.” explains Peter Stas with a smile the world’s luxury Guide. The idea for the book does exist already for some years, however, the effort was always too big. Together with journalists, a band for lovers of the brand, and prospects of the market was now written. The work, the people behind Frederique Constant, the products, the idea, the vision – it is told.

Democratize Luxury

Unlike other watch brands, Frederique Constant focus on quality and high quality craftsmanship equally, and Peter Stas luxury defines the term in its own way. Luxury is in its eyes not for absolute exclusivity, should be accessible not only to a very small circle of selected. “Luxury – these are products which are lovingly made, luxury means smart design and real craftsmanship.”Therefore, the brand uses a price segment that relatively lower–and maybe even fair – is located, than that of its competitors. “At the end we must remain but realistic. We make no watches for the masses and we don’t want that.” Nevertheless Also for the future wants to maintain the brand image, “democratize luxury” and fall alike – attract mainly younger audiences.

Passion and craftsmanship, elegant, timeless design and a fair price to ratio performance: Frédérique Constant is a name with a brief, but catchy company history – and probably even longer future.