Fully Maintained with Dr. Pierre Ricaud

Dr. Pierre Ricaud stands for high-quality beauty products with anti-age effect. But also keep the products, what they promise? We have tested a range of body care and makeup products for you and a definite answer for you.

Already when you open the purchase order from the online store, we’ve got bright eyes. The packaging is fine and very visually appealing – this also applies to the products themselves. The enthusiasm has also to try out the products not subsided – opposite: the tested products are easy to apply and give the skin a soothing scent. Some of them you can see an immediate effect, turning others, however, over a period of time.

No More Tired Skin: Care Products From Dr. Pierre Ricaud

Proper personal hygiene starts already in the shower. For this, we have tested the shower oil “Huile de Douche” for dry and sensitive skin. It purifies and oxygenates the skin with nourishing nutrients. First we were skeptical whether the skin perhaps oily feels afterwards, but – no! -the product can be used as a shower gel and is easy to wash off. It also gives the skin a pleasant scent. Removing make-up and for cleaning the face skin in the morning and evening is the face water “Eau Micellaire” with micelles technology that frees your skin particularly gently from the residues of the day.

For the facial care, we have taken various products under the microscope, including the skin rejuvenating serum “Avant-gardist”, which supports the regeneration of the skin. For several weeks, used, it smoothes wrinkles and ensures a more beautiful complexion. It’s half serum, half cream – a very pleasant texture, which allows morning light to apply, if necessary in combination with the usual day cream. Alternatively, there is the smoothing Aktivfluid “Matin Radieux”, that also ensures a fresher, smoother complexion. As day care for face and neck we have also “Optimalia jour” tried with pro-vitamin B5. The cream protects, nourishes and ensures a more beautiful complexion. It is applied in the morning, because it may be quiet little intense for the night. For the multi active night cream “Optimalia Nuit”, which smoothes the skin in his sleep and regenerates is more suitable. We also tried the Detox mask with a detoxifying agent. The mask is applied in thick and acts for approximately 15 minutes, then remove the leftovers with a cosmetic towel. The effect is immediate: the skin looks same fresher and more vital.

Also the face cream is among the insider tips for tired or stressed skin “intervention express – cream SOS repair intense” with effective active ingredients such as Energine, vitamin A and E. You can apply the cream that settles like a protective film over the skin and stimulates cell regeneration, either on the entire face and neck or only on specific areas, for example the cheeks. You should see the first results after a few days. With a good portion, the ampoules of the series “Les Perfecteurs”, right true Austrahlungsbooster called Dr. Pierre Ricaud provide moisture. The lift-express ampoules smooth the skin and make it instantly fresher look. We have used revitalizing eye care “Capital of energy” against tired eyes. The Roll-On pen Hesperidin with the active ingredient makes the skin around the eyes look fresher and more vital.

Have you discovered the first wrinkles on your cleavage ? Dr. Pierre Ricaud has developed something also for this and we tried it out for you: the beauty cream ‘lifting neck & décolleté”with powerful active ingredients for combating and prevention of wrinkles in this sensitive area of the skin.Applied regularly tightens’s sensitive skin and makes them appear smoother.Tip: Who wants to keep his cleavage wrinkle-free as long as possible, should sleep better on their backs to crease the skin unnecessarily. After a certain age is unfortunately essential an additional treatment with a cream rich chat.

Beauty Products From Dr. Pierre Ricaud: Well Maintained, Natural Appearance In The Blink Of An Eye

Primer: The perfect makeup begins with a suitable primer, which varies depending on the color and condition of the skin. We opted for the color concentrate “MyBespokeTone” in the shade of “Nude Beige”, which mixed her with your facial. So has a natural look on the primer and gives the skin a fresher, even skin tone. For the sensitive skin below the eyes and cover over the bluish circles, we used a concealer. The smoothing concealer for dark circles of the series “Unique complexion” consists of a mix of moisturizing oils, as well as four different powders and optimally adapts to your skin. It works naturally and immediately ensures a fresher look. Who has a few wrinkles, is thus well advised in any case, because the concealer is not. This is the crowning tanning powder from Dr. Pierre Ricaud (prêt à Poudrer”), which gives the skin a soft brown complexion. Distribute the best on cheeks, forehead, Chin and nose. With the instant’Liss complex folds are made almost invisible.

Lip color: For the lips, we have on the one hand two cream lipsticks from the collection’ sublime’ Lèvres “tried in the nuances of”Soft beige”and”Coral”.The micro-particles decision-makings on promise smoother, fuller lips. The lips feel really neat and the colors look very natural. We were especially impressed by the lip gloss’ sublime’ Lèvres “in the tone of”Forest berries”with light-reflecting particles and nourishing oils. The shimmer makes much fuller lips and leaves a pleasant taste. Is something rare: even thicker applied glued not the gloss. Definitely our favorite product of the series!

Mascara: What would be a makeup without the perfect eyelashes? We have the black mascara “regard intense – 3 D perfectly separated lashes mascara: volume, length and swing” tried it out for you. The conclusion: The product name delivers what it promises! The nobly designed mascara sits comfortably in the hand and is really easy to apply. Thanks to the special shape of the brush head are no lumps and lashes be visually extended without sticking when first applied.

Eye shadow: Also the appropriate color on the eyelids cannot be missed, therefore we looked at more closely three powder eyeshadow ‘Regard Intense’ series: ice Brown, ivory and plum. We have used but not the standard brush, but a hair brush. The eye-shadow of Dr. Pierre Ricaud is easy to apply and gives a silky sheen the eyelid. For those who like more intense, can apply also some more of them – without, that the color of clumping.

Nail Polish: Dr. Pierre Ricaud offers everything for hand and foot care, including Nail Polish in the various trendy colours. We have the sounds of “Glittering beige” and “Brown violet” of the series “Ongles Parfaits” getetet.The products promise optimal support, unique shine and bright colours. And indeed: the paint already unfolded their full opacity after the first application and dried within seconds. We were absolutely satisfied with the durability: the nail polish at healthknowing.com is scratch-resistant and was still intact after a few days. The fact that we had applied only a layer, the paint was totally easy to remove again.

More About Dr Pierre Ricaud

We have researched a little about the origin and production of products from Dr. Pierre Ricaud. The production takes place in our own laboratories in France with selected raw materials. What we like: the production is completely parabenfrei and free of animal testing. The products are tested on cell treatments and skin models, at volunteer test subjects. The secret of the success of the Paris company is also based on the approximately 30 years of experience with scientific research and the focus on individual beauty. Each skin is finally unique. The focus is in the field subject of anti aging. To counteract the aging, Dr. Pierre Ricaud has developed the exklsuiven active substance “Glycalox”, is contained in many of the products.

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