G Forte Single Moto Was a Pack That Includes a Tough Sleeve to Blows and Falls

A few days ago @evleaks leaked a picture of what looked like a variant of the Moto G, atribuyendole some media, including us, a longer lasting battery, or a supposed resistance to water and dust which so fashionable lately, but finally is getting neither one nor the other successful.

Finally the bike G Forte is not a new phone, only is a pack that from Motorola have made just for the Mexican market at the moment, including the smartphone version of 8 GB and the cover grip shell, which provides some resistance to bumps and drops.

Those who were looking forward to an improved G bike will have to wait. The surname Forte which has been added only refers to the inclusion of a cover in the pack that Nextel has put on sale in Mexico, as we are told our colleagues from Engadget Mexico.

The funny thing is that in spite of the well that it appears to be operating this phone for its quality/price ratio Mexicans will have to rely on the operator to do with it, not selling is free at least for the time being. Moto G Forte is offered free of charge with several contract and retention rates but for those who do not want ties also available for 187 euros in pre-paid.