Garmin Forerunner 610: First GPS Sports Watch with Touch Screen

Heart rate monitors help athletes with GPS to organise their training . With the new forerunner 610 , Garmin, GPS sports computer and mobile navigation solutions, specialist brings the first satellite-based sports watch with touch screen on the market. And that is not only feature loaded and intuitive to use – she looks pretty damn well. So good that the Forerunner 610 equally coveted “red dot design award” for its modern product design cashed!

To provide comfort to runners in the field of operation, the forerunner, 610 GPS Sports Watch has a touch screen display. The three-line display is extremely high resolution and is one of the best on the world market. The data fields are freely configurable – up to 16 different information can be displayed on four sides. Ranging from time, speed and distance, average and maximum values, tilt and height, many parameters can be selected. Three buttons provide quick access to the functions of “Start/stop”, “Lap/reset” and “Light/Power” side on the housing.

For the first time the new function of “Training effect” is a forerunner model used. Based on the heart rate variance (HRV) determined using advanced FirstBeat technology, the forerunner emits the intensity of training in a value between 1 and 5 610. Runners get a reliable indication thus quickly and easily – even without training-scientific knowledge – whether their training was effective and what recovery phase, they should enjoy her body itself optimally to develop. This makes the training management easy as never!

Five heart rate zones and two heart rate alerts can be configured individually. In addition to acoustic signals is equipped the forerunner 610 with a vibrating alert, which informs a reliable despite music while walking. The forerunner 610 aimed at ambitious runners who place high value on professional training management and evaluation.

Garmin stands for navigation – in miniature. The forerunner 610 also some practical navigation functions dominated thanks to GPS: quickly and easily it leads back to the start, stores up to 100 waypoints (E.g. parking), that can be controlled by air navigation, and certainly leads one on the device of stored tracks.

But also the look at the new “610” is groundbreaking for a GPSSportuhr. He adapts lean on each wrist and comes with a good portion therefore style. It took the jury of the red dot design award and a smooth one in terms of aesthetics missed the function miracle: the forerunner 610 can justifiably red dot design award winner 2011 call!

The training data of the forerunner 610 can be read on the computer via ANT + wireless and evaluated through Garmin connect, Garmin training center or third-party software.

Early may in two versions is available the forerunner 610 in the well-stocked shops and at the Garmin store:

  • Forerunner 610: EIA 349,-euro
  • Forerunner 610 HR: EIA 399,-euro
    (incl. textile heart rate strap)

There is more information under our site.

By the way, anyone can the Garmin Forerunner 610 in the run-up test now! Simply apply as a watch tester on Centralledwatch.


  • Intuitive menu control via touch screen
  • High-resolution, high-contrast 2.5 cm display with 128 x 128 pixels
  • Vibration alarm
  • Battery life: 8 hours in GPS mode, 4 weeks in the time mode
  • Trouble-free ANT + data transfer
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Training effect display
  • 5 adjustable heart rate zones (HR-version)
  • 2 adjustable heart rate alerts (HR-version)
  • Arrow navigation (with track)
  • Navigation “Back to the start”
  • Memory for up to 100 waypoints
  • Compatible with PC and Mac