Gelert Hebog 250E XL Sleeping Bag Review

Brother of lot Gelert Hebog 250E, 250E Gelert Hebog XL sleeping bag is larger than average and has a lower temperature rating 250E – for colder temperatures then. The cost of a larger volume and weight, we in return plenty comfortable, enveloping, with more freedom of movement.

Technical data of the sleeping bag Gelert Hebog 250E XL 

Locked in custody has a volume of 60/70 lt.

Folded dimensions 40cm/25cm.

Open size 210cm/85cm.

Weight 1.45kg.

Comfort temperature 8.5°C; limiting temperature 4°C.

Quilted drawstring at the top with padding simplex polyester mix.

Opening to the right.

Top zip closure with double tongue in order to be able to open both from outside than from within.

Bottom zip with one tongue.

Available in different colors.

Characteristics and best uses of sleeping bag Gelert Hebog 250E XL 

Basic characteristics of the sleeping bag Gelert Hebog 250E XL reminiscent of 250E.

The lot is rectangular and has the zip open on two sides, which totally transformed the lot in a comfortable blanket to use in any context.

The zipper has two zips to two opposite vertices, its neighbor to the open side has two tabs to pull, one with garter stitch, so you can open or adjust the lot both from inside and from outside and even when wearing gloves.

At the upper edge we have a drawstring that allows us to close the bag over the shoulders and minimize heat loss, so this lot does not have the problem of loss of heat given by sleeping bags rectangular base.

To the side, where the hinge, have a sling with velcro that prevents accidental opening during nocturnal movements.

The insulation and breathability are good, then you are separated from the external environment but sweat little (obvious, if used wisely).

The padding is synthetic so as I explain here, he on feather the advantages of heat even if damp, be easier to wash and cost a lot less, and the disadvantages weigh more, be less compressible, transpire less.

There are a few points worth highlighting. Having larger and last longer in the cold, the XL can cover a more enveloping when used indoors and can if necessary be used as blanket. The difference of temperatures ratings with younger brother doesn’t allow anyway considering the XL as a footmuff, and remains a spring or fall protection, is a sleeping bag for two seasons (then, we must always consider that you share or in parallel).

The doleful notya are volume and weight, making the Gelert Hebog 250E XL great for camping but not suitable for backpacking trips.

Best use of the sleeping bag for two seasons Gelert Hebog 250E

Lunch for two seasons – ideally spring and autumn – and for mild climates, the sleeping bag Gelert Hebog 250E XL can be used both for overnight stays in camping tent that as a blanket, even then for overnight stay in “home” while traveling, but I don’t recommend it for backpacking trips.


Top hinge adjustable from inside in case you want to lower the temperature inside the bag. Great value for money.

Good thermal insulation.

Drawstring in upper side convenient and effective.

Heats even damp, having a synthetic filling.


As in much of sleeping bags, careful not to pull the zipper up too quickly: may become jammed. Above-average size and weight, given the large size.


The sleeping bag Gelert Hebog 250E XL represents a cost effective, efficient and versatile: being a rectangular sleeping bag that can be completely opened, it can be used much like a regular blanket and folding closed houses well even large sizes.