Google Abandons Development of Gears

“Apparently Chrome for Mac does not have Gears native”. I made ​​this observation a week ago on my personal Twitter profile. Today Google has a little more clarification on the future of Gears: the platform will be abadonada gradually, while HTML5 will begin to be used more often.

According to Ian Fette, the Gears team, a Google Chrome version available in January already contain API for local storage of data related to applications running JavaScript, among others. This is interesting for the user because it allows you to create more robust applications that take advantage of local resources of the machine (eg installable WordPress, the TB used as publishing platform, is a web application that takes already advantage of Gears and certainly will take advantage of new technologies developed by Google).

The company’s intention is to allow this kind of resources conforms to web standards (web standards), and so the choice of HTML5 for this type of implementation is natural. But Fette admits, still can not replicate all the features of Gears HTML5. Therefore, the company will continue supporting the Gears, while not intending to give new features to it. Both Firefox as Internet Explorer will continue to have the plugin.

Mac users are not so well. The company decided not to support Google Gears for Safari in Snow Leopard and subsequent OSs. Similarly, I believe that Google Chrome for Mac will not implemented the Gears.