Google Executives Will be Processed by YouTube Video

Three executives Google will be processed by the Milan Public Prosecutor because of a video posted by a user YouTube in which three young men appeared verbally assaulting a boy with Down syndrome.

The case occurred in late 2006 and the web giant defends himself saying that removed the video from the air “hours” of being informed about its content, which is not delivered executives George Reyes, David Drummond and Peter Fleischer criminally answer about the case. Although the trio have already been cleared of defamation charges, can still get six months in jail because of charges of invasion of privacy.

In a post on his blog, Google says the case is “an attack against the essential principles on which the Internet was built” and recalls that the European laws provide for guarantees to content providers generated by third parties, provided that any material considered improper be taken down as soon as any irregularity is identified.

The complaint against Google was made ​​by the local association Vividown, which cares for and supports people with the syndrome. The trial should be initiated on 3 March.