Google Introduces Android Wear Software for Smartwatches

Update brings a number of new features to the Android system Wear smartwatches

The Google makes, this Monday (20), smart watches with Android Wear independent of smartphones. Through a software update, the products gain support for connection Wi-Fi, a novelty that, according to Google, allows full operation even when there is no paired phone by Bluetooth.

The LG Watch Urbane is the first smartwatch clock to receive this update. According to Google. all other Android line Wear watches also won the update soon. This includes models available in Bike 360, LG G Watch and Apple SmartWatch.

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Features such as monitoring steps in walking or racing always made by smartwatches without the pairing with a smartphone and, at this point, nothing changes.

Another news arrive to equipment with the new version of the software. The owners of smart watches with Google’s system will be able to hear songs that are reproduced on the smartphone directly over the internet, thus eliminating the need to be on the same network. The devices do not need, for example, even being in the same environment, since they are matched to enable data transmission.

With a twist of the wrist, the user can interact with the smart clock. With a move toward the body, it is possible to go back to the previous screen.

There is also a function that gives more clock way to Android devices Wear. When looking at the display, it lights up and shows the main notifications, as well as the schedule.

Drawing emojis – For faster responses, the Google software won support for emojis. But the form of usage is different from what we are used in smartphones. The user must draw the emoji that wants to send to a contact, when replying a message, and the device will recognize and send the icon that best expresses your reaction at the time.

Market- The software update comes a few days before the release of Apple Watch in nine countries, which takes place on April 24. Pre-sale of phase-only device, he might surpass the mark of 720,000 smartwatches with the Android system Wear. Have already been sold more than 2 million units of Apple Watch .