Google Releases Hangouts on Air for Everyone in Google+

Some time ago, Google began testing a new type of Hangout on Google+ Hangouts on Air. Probably to try to draw more members to the network, this test was limited to famous people or known on the web. Now the party is officially open for those who want to get: Google today began enable Hangouts on Air for all members of Google+.

If you do not remember or do not know what the Hangouts on Air, a brief explanation: it’s like a common hangout, with several people showing their faces on webcam at the same time, only the video of the conference is transmitted by your account on YouTube using the same player in Flash – known video site. And there is also the option to record video for later viewing on YouTube.

Earlier this year US President Barack Obama made a Hangout on Air with American citizens that you can check out here below.

(Video on YouTube)

But what the Google ad mean? Among other things, it means that the giant search inished implementing a monstrous infrastructure able to process thousands dozens of hours of videos that will be transmitted by Hangouts on Air. After all, video transmission is not something that can be done overnight.

For this reason, by the way, Google warns: the availability of Hangouts on Air for all members will take a few weeks. My account is not activated yet, who knows in his is not? Go on, take the dust off your profile and check.