Google Wallet, Payments through Android Reach Us

Is it was rumored the past few months and is already a reality in the United States. Google has just introduced its payment system electronic Google Wallet, that will allow you to pay via mobile have NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

In Google Wallet we can associate a Mastercard card that is attached to the system CitiPass either charge any amount of money in the prepaid card virtual of Google offering this system of electronic payments.

To make payments through Google Wallet just we have to bring the mobile to the system at the point of payment CitiPass, the amount will appear on the screen of the mobile phone to pay, and already so we can only confirm the purchase by entering the four-digit PIN, the entire process with more security measures than credit cards.

The new service coupons discount Google Offers also will benefit from this payment system, where you can get special offers to pay with this system to be able to detect that we are regular customers. Also will warn us offers of shops that exist around us or shop where we are.

For now Google Wallet is only available in the United States. He will begin his career in New York and San Francisco, but over the months we will be adding more U.S. cities in the hands of retail chains like Toys ‘R Us, Macy’s, Subway, Noah completo Bagels or Walgreens.

For now there is no news on when it will come to Spain this payment service, but it seems that it will take long time to appear, since Google would have to negotiate with the banks, operators and retailers to give support to the NFC payments.