Guide to Choosing Leather Shoes

How to recognize a quality leather shoe? This question is probably in the top 3 most asked by our clients and friends to Norbert Bottier. Of course, nothing replaces 35 years of experience and practice, but there are still some tricks that will allow you to discern quality leather.

At the fitting: how to spot quality in a simple test leather

Shoes as in life in general, when looking for quality, needs often begin by knowing anything that is bad. To do this, here’s a quick and easy test that will let you know right away that you don’t have real quality leather case, whatever you say the seller who absolutely wants to sell you a pair of shoes.

When you try your shoe in stores, you can articulate whether they are made of genuine leather by pressing the tip, according to globalsciencellc. This gesture will naturally form a crease in the center of the shoe. Don’t panic: fold is quite normal, even for a very good quality leather. What counts are the brands he’ll let the leather when you return your foot flat.

Start by looking at these marks. On quality leather, they must remain shallow. Then, run a finger against the fold. If you feel a slight duplication of material, it is probably time to save you. You would make a very bad deal by buying that pair of shoes! After a few ports, you’ll appear ugly blisters.

These irreversible rolls will bring you the ultimate proof of average or very bad quality leather.

Attention: with time, even a quality leather will eventually adopt folds. So-called folds of ease, and they simply come from the effect of your metatarso-phalangeal joint on the stem of your shoe. They are even these folds which give any identity to a real, beautiful shoe of quality leather. Use the shoe, wax regularly and your shoes: with discreet time, their folds of toilet facilities will tell connoisseurs you know to appreciate its true value and maintain a quality leather.

For quality leather shoes, pay attention to the mounting

A quality leather shoe, it is also a shoe that fits your needs. Indeed, it is very important to choose shoes with a type of editing for the use that you book them.

For example, if you need sturdy shoes to accompany your children for a walk weekend, to run through the Woods full of leaves and mud puddles, a pair of shoes to the welded mounting may soon show its limits. Indeed, this kind of editing is too light (and not quite waterproof) for this kind of adventure.

Therefore, it is important to determine your needs before you find the suitable construction. Here are some tips, from the lightest to the most robust:

  • Welded Assembly is reserved for summer shoes to the sole fine and no overflowing, never having to endure bad weather.It will bring flexibility and a lightness that is unique to your shoes.
  • We choose the mounting ” Blake” the name of its inventor, for fine shoes including the sole does not overflow too. This type of Assembly to maintain adequate flexibility, but will be more resistant. It is best to ask a “Skate” on your soles Blake, in order to protect their sewing from the beginning, this last is indeed carried out with a single wire.
  • Just then the stitched ‘Goodyear’ of the name also of its inventor “Charles Goodyear Jr.This montage, much stronger than the previous two, will give you a satisfaction without flaw.Her hidden sewing is carried out using a machine with two hands, which makes it particularly resistant and second so-called seam “small points” this Assembly fits dress shoes as the Richelieu, Derby, Brogues, loafers and boots, fitted with a single or double sole.
  • Finally, mounting “Norwegian” is the most rugged of all, it has the features of editing “Goodyear”, to which is added a last side seam. It links the first wall, the vamp and the Welt to the stem. This Assembly is reserved for the shoes and all-terrain boots, who will accompany you for many years and you will be always faithful, as long as you bring them the necessary care. Add the photo of jean M from the Norwegian

The real quality leather finishes

You already have your hands on a nice pair, which you have noticed that the leather is not too? His editing is suited to your needs? To be sure that it is quality leather, you have to look at it carefully. A beautiful leather can be more or less matte, satin or gloss according to your preferences. But his reflections should always to be beautiful and deep and his touch must be silky.

But beware: some manufacturers imitate, for example, the appearance of a sewn “Goodyear”, while the shoes they offer are actually soldered. Sometimes they offer a leather masked for a flattering and very bright finish to try to compensate for the first two points.

Here again, there are ways to not be duped when one is looking for a quality leather. The smoothness of the shoes must be even slightly glossy, satin, but in no case it should dazzle you. To be sure to get a quality leather, it is best to choose a discreet, but denser finish which we can see the different layers of “distorts” glossy. If the brilliant is too far, it’s that you have to do to a finish at the gun with very cheap products. Your shoes must not have the appearance of a stolen car! We must appreciate the transparency of materials.

Also make sure the soles of your shoes: they also must present a leather of quality! The soles are often a good indicator of the overall quality of a pair. If their leather shows signs of weakness, it has no bright and is not silky to the touch, it is likely that you are not dealing with a real quality leather shoe.

This is a shoe that has been brought to us by a customer: leather, too dry, quickly made the rolls and already started to crack here where the folds are the deepest. She just yet of a (very) prestigious Parisian sign.

The word of the end of Norbert Bottier

After all these explanations that, hopefully, you will have brought a little light, keep in mind that a pair of shoes is a sum of details and elements selected with patience and respect, depending on the use that you want to make. It is with concern that we are working at Norbert Bottier, in order to put our years of experience at your service.

But this experience comes at the pace of the attempts, often punctuated chess in the early days. Thus, even armed with the best advice, there are strong bet that you do some estimation errors when you start trying to discern real good quality in-store shoes. That this does you deter especially not to try and, especially, in case of doubt: do not hesitate to ask us a question in the comments!