Guo Pei for Mac Cosmetics

For those who love novelty, knows the feeling of luxury is always in search of the best in the world of fashion, of life, of the fashion world, everything that is around us, and to prove it I decided to bring you more news bombastic : the brand new collection of MAC Cosmetic to Guo Pei. That in fact landed yesterday, 03.12, MAC cosmetic stores and on e-commerce, the collection of the brand with the Chinese designer Guo Pei, who wore Rihanna to the MET of 2015. The collection, whose packaging is golden and with floral print, was inspired by the creations of designer. The lipsticks in coral tones and red, rejoicing the collection, since the shadows have as main colors graphite and Brown. There are 16 products, including Quartet of shadows, lipstick, blush and brushes.

But before products came the dresses. Pei created especially 8 and later, along with the MAC, it’s collection of beauty. ” I always thought the power of nature, fascinating, especially when the flowers are born. This idea has inspired my creative process for the dresses. On the basis of eight dresses, we have developed this collection of beautiful makeup “. The collection was inspired by the legendary Chinese gardens, chose the deep blue hues, intense graphite, creamy roses and corals, reds and nudes. Pei explains: “blue is a color important because it is the color of the soul, and also the base color of the universe of our planet; Pink coral already left your lips because I consider them colors of happiness. I want to infect the people around me with this happiness “. An incredible option to present who we love, tell me, who doesn’t want the complete collection and charming? I PRECISOOOO JÁÁÁ!

I’m crossing my fingers for Santa Claus this year be kind to everyone, I’m imagining and desiring sooo makeup coming here at home. I want Uncle Post Office knows exactly what my address kkkkkk I’m worse than child, I amooo win makeup, clothes, perfumes, creams, shoes, bags, accessories and what like to win?

3.2, 1 ….

And a willingness to buy everything???