Halloween Decorating Ideas for Inside

A frightening and incomprehensible before Halloween is gradually conquering the love. Now it is waiting and preparing for it. Selection of the holiday stylized objects will meet him head-on.

1. “Terrible” formochka a skull

To this day the spirit of the festival is not only consistent with your image and clothes, but also what you eat, you will come in handy “terrible” shaper. With it, the usual and ordinary breakfast can be converted into Treats – a special form of a skull in turn boiled eggs smiley face skeleton.
2. Sugar “sweet perfume”

On the day when all around transform into the dead, ghosts, zombies and other evil spirits, bad start to the day with the thought that you yourself live. When you’re ready to brew some coffee in the morning, it is best to be able to recall this cute sugar bowl in the form of the same skull. It is decorated like a calavera – a skull made ​​of sugar – an essential attribute of the Dead Day. This holiday is dedicated to the memory of the dead, it is celebrated annually on November 1 and 2 in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. It is believed that in those days the souls of dead relatives visit home. Traditionally, the festival creates private altars in honor of the deceased, which is decorated with skulls made ​​of sugar, as well as the favorite foods and beverages of the deceased.

3. Tea “crossbones”

Drinking tea can also be in a Halloween style, according to necessaryhome. To do this, you will have to replace the old teapot on small zavarnitsu in the form of a skull and crossbones. Open a small skull, to pour tea leaf, lower skeleton head in your favorite mug and let the tea brew. No one will interfere with your tea and bother you to see such an awesome service.

4. Tasty “dead zombies”

This idea would have to taste sweet tooth and give a little “horror” of their sweet-sweet menu. Use the form for chocolate dead zombies’ can turn an ordinary cake in the installation, showing a scene from a horror movie. Chocolate shape allows to make two full zombies crawling half-hearted one, a cat, two skulls, tombstones, grave and decorate their cakes.

5. Ceramic Vase for sweets “head zombie”

Another curious thing for sweets lovers. Ceramic vase in the form of a zombie head, which can store cookies, candy on Halloween and so on. To get sweets, you just need to “open” the head zombies – the lid of the vase. It looks pretty scary, but it’s your only advantage. Who will dare to encroach on your sweets without asking?

6. Bottle opener “Walking Dead”

It will appeal not only to fans of Halloween, but first of all the fans Walking Dead series. Especially for them it was developed openers design in the form of zombies, eye opening bottles.

7. Holder “Nature terror” bottles

on the Halloween fun to change into zombies, but there’s something fun – make a zombie to serve you. How exactly? Let holds ready a bottle of good wine, we are not gathered all the guests. If you get the whole zombie problematic, then get his hand – not a problem. Stand the bottle in the hand of zombies to help solve the problem and will complement the decor.

8. “Blood” towel

Continues to occupy the decor and moved into the bathroom. To bring it into line with the spirit of the festival will “bloody towel” – a hand towel with bloody handprints and blood splatter. After Halloween it can be used to intimidate overstayers guests who want to quickly show the door.

9. Curtains for the bathroom and bath mat from the horror film

One bloody towels is not enough if you want your bathroom really looked like a place where it was committed terrible murder. To complete the picture, you can use a snow-white curtain bath with bloody handprints and a little white mat with traces of bloody feet.

10. “Vampire” nipple

For the most desperate and committed to the holiday, trying to attach to the Halloween even children are invited to the nipple as vampire fangs.