Hat Trends Spring Summer 2016

The website compiled a favorite hat for spring. You can räväyttää park for picnics or lunch in a colorful tupsuhatulla from a giant hat.

1. Look Hats

If you want to räväyttää, get a colorful hat with small details. These hats stand out from the park for picnics. Brim panels will be big now, almost opaque eyes, what is the assistance in the aftermath of the previous evening for tired eyes. Seem hats are a nice addition to the classical one-colored casual outfits.

Hats from top to bottom: River Island 33e, Missoni Mare / Machesfashion.com / 430 e, Miss Benoit I / Machesfashion / 349 e.

2. Uncover Hats

Uncover hats are one of the biggest trends in spring hat, according to threergroup. Get it now at the latest, either open brimmed hat or baseball cap open. Connect headdress lovely maxi, and the outfit is complete.

Hats from top to bottom:

Asos 14.08 e, e Asos 22.53 and 15.99 Mango e.

3. Text Hats Details

If you want to get a head start by the summer, will uproot beach hat on your head. This summer’s wonderful wide-brimmed hats are embroidered utterances. Embroidered hats will stand out from the usual beach hats hats and suitable as perfect for relaxed May Day spending. You can also manually pimp hat to the old adage of your personality.

Hats from top to bottom:

Asos / 25,35e, Mango / 19,99e, H & amp; M / 9,99e, Eugenia Kim / Net-a-Porter / 440E.

4. Wild West Vibe

Länkkärimeininki hats is in superior style. The hat can be of suede, leather or even jeans. Wrap the scarf around the hat or even leather strap and a source länkkäröimään!

Hats from top to bottom:

Mango, Zara / 15,93e, River Island / 33e, Zara / 45,95e and Maison Michel / Net-a-Porter / 580E.

5. Caps and Hats

Also, berets, fishing hats and baseball hats are stylish choices for a picnic.Braided, knitted and crocheted hats are trendy at the moment, so if you have time, you can even actually to crochet beret yourself a nice park on a date.

Hats from top to bottom:

Maison Scotch / Nelly / 27,50e, Gucci / Net-a-Porter / 270E, Eugenia Kim / Net-a-Porter / 225E, Esprit / 22,99e, Esprit / 29,99e.