Headphones-Ear Monster Inspiration in Ear, Comfortable and Well Equipped

During the test of the Monster Inspiration version head roll, we had been seduced by manufacturing quality, versatility and sound elegance of this high-end headphones.

Suffice to say that we approach the test of the Monster Inspiration version-ear with a mixture of curiosity and greed. The Monster Inspiration In Ear is delivered in a box to the practical opening. Inside, we find the helmet – thank God! -as a warranty booklet with updates also warn for listening and safe ‘responsible’… But above all, we find a replacement tips. I say mostly because Monster had a very heavy hand since no less than 12 pairs of tips are provided, not to mention one that is already in place on the headphones Flexible, rigid, semi rigid, colour silver, black, white or grey, if you can’t find the tip adapted to your morphology is that you put the ill will or you are a Vulcan! Also provided a clip to hang the wire of the Monster to a garment and a small carrying pouch.

The Monster Inspiration In Ear is ear tour headphones. Must therefore fix the loop around the ear and insert the tip into the auditory Pavilion. Monster insists on this stage, and it is true that she deserves the greatest care. The sound reproduction is dependent indeed proper placement of the device. Turn the loop around the ear until you get the best coupling! Note also that it is possible to vary the sound balance according to the position and so to choose one that will be most suited to your tastes. 1 m cable 25 is flat section (to avoid the tangles) and includes a remote control with microphone for communication policy. This remote headphone is compatible with iPod, iPad and iPhone, according to electronicsencyclopedia.com.

Once found the right position, the holding of this headset is very good, and Monster recommend to athletes. However, it would be shame to reduce it for this use only. Indeed, connected to a Cowon Z2, the Monster Inspiration In Ear not doing well at all! Sound aesthetics part while at low frequencies, but without stifling to the rest of the sound spectrum.The Monster In Ear as well lends itself to listening to Rock than Rap or French song. It is less comfortable on classical music or Jazz with her medium indented. In comparison with the ear more defined in the top of the spectrum – I think for example of the SuperDarts of Atomic Floyd in test at the same time – it seems “less fast”, and the music seems to flow on a quieter tempo. This is more than a sound option that I specify a default. Listening becomes more restful. The comfort is present, including for long listening sessions. We do not feel the discomfort and the feeling of irritation so often present on the ear. Another strong point is the insulation that is very effective. Still we hear background noise – what is desirable for safety reasons – but immersion in the musical message is complete. The choice of the nozzle should not be taken lightly: the deep bass and the quality of insulation depend on.

Nice discovery than this Monster Inspiration In Ear, with his equipment, its ease of use and its musical qualities. We appreciate its insulation and the principle of the round of ear well optimized. If it is not the most versatile helmets, it meets modern music fans.