Headphones-Ear Sennheiser I300, Mini Price Maxi Sound

The i300 Sennheiser does not mine. Delivered in a very standard package, it is headphones-ear unpretentious type “budget”. 

White color, it adopts plastic shells and a cable 1 m 40. It has a remote control with microphone for communication policy. It should be noted that according to the manufacturer, the remote control is compatible for iPod Shuffle (generation 3 and 4), iPod Nano (generation 4, 5, 6), iPod Classic (120 GB and 16 GB 2009 model), iPod Touch (generation 2, 3 and 4), iPhone 3Gs, 4 and 4s, iPad and iPad 2, as well as with 2009 and subsequent of the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro generations. It comes with 3 nozzles (size S, M and L) and a small manual.Its weight of 13 g suggests that he will soon forget in the Pavilion of your ears.

Connected to the indestructible Cowon Z2 used for tests of nomadic headphones, Sennheiser i300 is comfortable and little invasive. For all those headphones-ear ail, be aware that this model can be worn without discomfort for long hours. Sennheiser communicates on the quality of the bass of his helmet, and actually found listening to serious assets present. Note I didn’t say intrusive, but present! On listening to a version of the Dub of the famous “Kingston Town” UB – 40 or the compilation of Electro-Rap Electrocypher, restitution is very nice, without the slightest hint of aggression, with a regular bandwidth and a real consistency from restitution.

This small headset devil offers a good sound insulation that allows quietly immersed in the music. Francis Cabrel, listening to titles of vocal jazz as the last Stacey Kent, or of French song as always excellent “Saturday night on Earth” shows that the Sennheiser i300 is doing very well on most asked music. Ago more rich in medium-high and more virulent in the grave, but it is more expensive. It also outperformed a much more ambitious-ear headset tested at the same time and I love the name. I liked its versatility and its balance. And more than anything, thei300 is a helmet that is easy going, no need to spend 107 years to find the position in the ear that brings the best rendering. In short, good headphones without making head.

This small Sennheiser i300 doesn’t swagger and he can’t win a design contest, but he goes to the essential, that is to say the music. A nice port, it offers a nice return with such an amazing serious, a great versatility and all this for a very affordable rate. It seems to me ideal to replace the mediocre headphones still too often provided with your mobile devices. A small, unpretentious and very nice helmet.