History of FC Utrecht

FC Utrecht is a club for many years between the middle of the engines in the Dutch Eredivisie roam. The club from the province of Utrecht, in spite of all the state mid engine actually all three times won the KNVB Cup, and when Johan Cruyff scale. Read all about FC Utrecht.

FC Utrecht

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FC Utrecht in 1970 through a merger between the football clubs Dos, Velox and finally Elinkwijk. DOS then played football in the Eredivisie, and thus also into the highest division in the Netherlands. Stadion Galgenwaard used as the home of the football club from Utrecht. The first game of FC Utrecht in the competition was played August 19, 1970, against Feyenoord Rotterdam. January Groenendijk soon took the initiative and made the opening goal and then Feyenoord broke and eventually made against four matches.

Fast mittmotor

Utrecht has always been a solid mid-engine, had success, but also misfortune. In 1980-1981 the club finished in third place, as FC Utrecht was also the highest in history, but later it became even smaller. The?? 75,?? 94 and??96 club finished at No. 15 and it was therefore less football. Today, Utrecht is always in the middle motors in the Eredivisie.

European football

Utrecht played in 1980 for the first time European football, and immediately became very stride when they won the German HSV and Russian Dynamo Kiev. In 1991 Utrecht deleted in Brits in tournament play by Madrid Real Madrid, but 10 years after the shutdown receive them for four years in a row trying to enter Europe. The third round, however, was never reached.

Rivals FC Utrecht

Since there are no other clubs in the Eredivisie play comes from the province of Utrecht, Utrecht has no direct competitor. Of course there are clubs with a lower level, where some tension before a competition.

The stadium for FC Utrecht

FC Utrecht football for a while in Galgenwaard. After a grand opening May 21, 1936 served as the home of Utrecht.In 1982 a new Galgenwaard was introduced, after more than 45 years of service. In 2002 the name Nieuw Galgenwaard stadium???? changed???? Stadion Galgenwaard.