HOKA Clifton Running Shoes

This article shows you the test of the Hoka Clifton running shoes. You will find our video, datasheet, photos, my comments and my opinion on this product.

Since a long time that I announced the publication of this test through different items, it’s done.
In fact, it’s the Hoka brand which “forced” me to publish. In drafting a ‘question and answer’ article lately, I see model 2 running Hoka shoes Clifton was already there.
Oupssss, quickly, before it becomes really too outdated.

Hoka Clifton running shoes: our video

Hoka Clifton running shoes: Factsheet

Foot type: universal
Use: Training/Competition
Surface: road
Rider weight: total weight
The shoe weight: 215 grams
Drop: 5 mm
Oversize midsole in EVA foam
Sole internal Ortholite
Curved Meta-Rocker outsole

Hoka Clifton running shoes: my test

I used this shoe Hoka on the macadam exclusively with some infidelities by going on the paths.
It has been several months that I have now. I would say that that goes at the end of last year. She will be so all known: Breton rain, nice Sun, Toulouse heat…

All possible configurations of training passed: endurance, threshold, work VMA.

Running shoes: lightness and finishing

First grip and even though you would expect, this surprise: they are very light.

In size 42, I weighed them to 210 grams !

The mesh seems very airy, but also strong enough. As it is a road shoe, should not be sought on this point.

The shoe is too curved to have a better effect of rocking.

Hoka running shoes: what bounce!

When you are running for the first time with these shoes running on HARVARDSHOES, it’s kinda the same feeling with Adidas shoes equipped with the technology Boost: you are surprised by the bounce and need you a little time to get used to it.
But don’t worry about it, usually happens quickly.

Hoka running shoes: comfort

Whether you’re on a cross-country track or on a long trip on the road, lhas shoe very comfortable rest. Even after 2 hours, you’ll always feel in your sneakers.

This comfort is double: the toe box (front foot) is a little wider than the traditional running shoes, so you’re comfortable, and on the other hand, the legendary cushioning of the brand allows you to swallow kilometers without necessarily feel them in the muscles and feet.

Hoka running shoes: wear

It is often a defect that comes up on the running shoes Hoka, and especially more to the trail of the brand shoes: rapid wear of the bottoms.

Regarding this Hoka Clifton shoe, I assure you: after several hours of practice and many kilometres (I would say more than 300), this outsole has not moved.

It’s a great surprise for me. In addition, the mesh did not move either.

Hoka running shoe: what energy!

Certainly, she missed a bit of gniak compared to a pure shoes typed “racers”, especially in short sessions of MAS, but it is a running shoe that will allow you to see far, always keeping a good speed and good feelings about any distance.

Threshold, VMA, or competition on the road, I was really comfortable everywhere.

Hoka running shoe: the trail? Not possible!

All warn you immediately, except on paths stabilized, you won’t use it not in mode trail or technical nature attractions.
I tested on the Breton coastal paths and I recommend it to you. The shoe being high that these competitors, and especially its use not intended for this purpose, the ankle is not at all assured.

Hoka running shoe: and grip?

I went through several periods of cold with these Hoka Clifton running shoes. The rain didn’t bother me, I have not lost nor slipped my wet sessions.

On the Athletics tracks, I either felt the foot leaving cornering, on the other hand, I don’t have 25 miles an hour hehehe…

Hoka running shoe: and its price?

They are in average at 120 euros. It is the same for version 2.

With our discount codes, it is ultimately very beneficial.

Hoka running shoes: my final notice

This is definitely my favorite 2015, these running shoes Hoka Clifton are passed around. Short sessions in the marathon, going through the boxes 10 km or half marathons, they allow you to have fun running without leave your performance.

Hoka running shoes: think of the model 2?

First, there is a change of colors. Three are now available: blue, grey and rather green.
In women, the rose will be obviously present, but also a color in orange/salmon tones of the most beautiful effect.

The shoe Hoka One One Clifton 2 has a vamp in mesh SpeedFrame seamless with thermocolles elements.

The price does not vary, it’s already a good thing.

They seem to have taken a little weight, because they are announced to 235 grams while the first name was announced to 215 grams.