Hoka Shoes Challenger ATR

This article shows you the test of Hoka Challenger ATR shoes. You will find a data sheet, photos, comments, and the opinion of our tester Elric on this product.

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Shoes Hoka: preamble

Hi the runners.

Here is the result of the last test of the Hoka One One brand: the Challenger ATR!
This is my second test for the brand. The first allowed me to put to the test the Hoka Huaka (hey and hey… as said Shakira) which was entrusted to me by Sport Leclerc St Ouen the alms and was a great success so much say that I can’t wait to test this new model.

I was told of the good of this model and I like the look I saw before receiving much.
As usual, my apprehension despite my knowledge of the brand is the weight…

I receive the package HOKA graciously sent to me and I’m super happy! Look fabulous, super simple, a pair in black dominant with just what it takes color, which I really like and what lightness, happiness pure prior even to the feet…

Hoka shoes: the brand

Hoka One One is a brand to the French base (and oh the gossips going to what, at first the brand was French) any young person who has only been 2010. It was created by its two founders Jean-Luc Diard, Nicolas Mermoud (3rd in the UTMB) as well as with the help of a designer Christophe Aubonnet.

Users of classic of trail including, shoes they quickly concluded that most of the shocks and muscle tension were real sources of problems for the riders. They decided to create a shoe to reduce noise encountered and allow runners to have a superior cushioning and an extra wide sole. The brand is born thanks to this idea, as well as the famous Oversize!

Shoes Hoka: introduction to the language of the Maori

Hoka One One means ‘hover on Earth’ in Maorie (I did a bac + 2 dialects and languages related to the running you are lucky). I let you do the shortcut leaving you thinking that with a pair of shoes Hoka One One do you feel this sensation to fly with each stride (Attention this feeling doesn’t happen by buying your pair of HOKA at Sport Leclerc to Saint-Ouen-the alms).

Hoka One One is a brand more and more present in the middle of the Running, both on road on paths. She had a name in the commercial sphere and fame with runners and especially with the ultra-runners…

Ultra runners why you say? The concept of PROEXCHANGERATES, today made the brand THE reference for those who are looking for comfort and cushioning shoes.

Hoka shoes: the look

I got the black/blue/green version of the CHALLENGER ATR. She is very discreet, and it is true that the sole in the same tones that the shoe gives a very nice unit to the shoe and made forgotten this usually imposing base for some and so beneficial for others.

When I decided to test these models, I heard everything! you’re crazy is heavy it’s ugly, like shoes from drag queen with this kind of soles and you’ll break your ankle…

So I showed them and I asked what these same people thought the CHALLENGER ATR. Here oddly languages were less bad and opinions have somewhat changed!
The look is great, everything is harmonious and it’s really super nice.

Shoes Hoka: data sheet

Geometry of the insole Meta Rocker, Hoka technology that promotes the place of the foot with a small heel-toes (DROP) differential, this does not mean great dynamism, but it is very nice also. The CHALLENGER ATR are certainly the more nervous of the HOKA!

Classic lacing (simple and effective): even if my heart still goes to laces silicone ALPURNA of in Heart ACEs running.

Hoka shoes: my feelings

I tested this shoe on various grounds and varied. Living in Haute-Savoie I have the chance to test these beautiful shoes Hoka Challenger ATR both in the Woods, the Plains and the paths a little more rough (rocks and mountains).

Without hesitation this new Hoka is for the paths and playgrounds rather wheelchairs, as they suffer more on stony and technical parts.

Shoes Hoka: side hooks?

It should be noted that lces shoes Hoka Challenger ATR have a nice grip on land in even wet undergrowth, but be careful as soon as the ground is waterlogged you adhere very well so beware slides anyway.

It is true that I was still pleasantly surprised by the shoe and I liked a lot the weight and the rocking motion who feels really even on the paved portions.
The Challenger ATR makes me think about shoes Hoka, cushioning is forgotten and it is true that one feels the ground underneath, and for my part I found it interesting.

Have you ever run with shoes Hoka?

Share your experience and tell us what you think of the Hoka shoes in the comments below!

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