Holiday Suitcase

Tips to pack your suitcase and go relaxed on vacation.

Packing the suitcase to go on vacation is sometimes a job that turns out to be more grueling than necessary.The key to being able to do it calmly and peacefully is to know what you need to take with you and what really ends up only by putting weight on your back.We leave here several tips in this field;we specify from clothing to food and what to take into account when packing the whole family.

Knowing what to pack does not have to be too complicated.Get a paper and pen, and make a list with the following pieces of clothing:

T-shirts/tops:Take some tops, but try not to take the closet behind: if going to spend the holidays on the coast, the most likely to end up wearing the same clothes to go every day to the beach or the pool, so center You can dress more in the clothes you will wear, for example, to go out to dinner or go out at night.If you are going to spend 5 nights out, 3 tops will be enough: you do not have to go with heavy and unnecessary luggage, just wash the tops if they get dirty, and alternate them with different accessories to turn them into distinct looks every night.

Sweaters:Although it’s summer, it’s always a good bet to be on the alert and take a knit sweater for the cooler days.You never know when the wind will blow, and you’d better avoid unnecessary shopping at the moment.

Coats:Again, you never know when it can make bad weather.It is advisable to wear a raincoat or a raincoat.It will not weigh anything in your suitcase, as it has several light pieces for this type of occasion.

Jeans:It is the most precious thing in a vacation: they give with all kinds of pieces, they wash with extreme ease and they are very versatile.So much you can go out to dinner with them, like going for a walk around town.Take two pairs for each member of the family: so if one gets dirty, he’ll have a change by hand.You can also bring jeans, very useful for the beach and in times of heat.

Shoes:Having a certain variety of shoes will be of value;try to get some sandals and a pair of slippers to go to the beach and go out at night, and comfortable hiking shoes.It will make a difference, and your feet will thank you.

Mild changes:There is nothing worse than not having a dry bathing suit to wear, and having to wear a wet bathing suit from the day before.Take at least two pieces to be comfortable.

For the sun:Bring hats, sunglasses and a high sun protection (factor 35 up) to the whole family.Try not to be exposed to the sun in the hottest hours – noon to two in the afternoon.Do not forget that younger children will suffer even more from the sun, so wear them a t-shirt not to catch a scald.

For the evening:Take a neat outfit, because you will surely have the chance to go out sometime or another to a more upscale place.If you want, take your favorite make-up.

Accessories:Because any more basic clothing can become super chic with accessories, if you do not have space for a more comfortable clothes, take a necklace and bracelets to add a touch of sophistication to your look.For the younger ones, bring some hair accessories and for the boys you can add a light sleeveless shirt to your suitcase.

Sleepwear:Do not forget to pack sleepy pajamas.It is important that you are comfortable to recover at night to be alert the next day.

As to go on vacation not only need clothes, add in your list these important accessories:

Towels:Go to an apartment, or to a hotel, bringing our own towels turns out to be a great idea;hotels usually do not let their guests take them outside the resort, so if you want to go to a beach further afield, or even to a water park, you would have to buy new ones or pay to use the existing ones at the hotel.In a rented apartment, often they do not even have towels to offer to the guests.Ask before, not to be caught unawares.

Creams and hygiene products:It is very important to take these products from home: when you reach your destination, the chances are that prices will rise enormously, so save your money by taking products that you already have.Take sun cream, after sun, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner.

First Aid:It is important to go with a first aid kit, go with or without children.Accidents happen, and better be warned.Include betadine, cotton, bandages, patch, gauze, scissors, tweezers and pain pills.

Entertainment:Especially if you are going with children, do not forget this point crux!You can carry decks of cards, small board games and even more basic games like ropes, beach balls and frisbee.Also take books to read and books with exercises, or games for children, and be sure to bring a pen or pencil.

Long car trips:For car trips is required, in addition to a snack, take music.Time will pass faster and will keep your kids entertained.Also bring a blanket and a nightgown, because if the kids want to sleep, and the weather is cool, or the air conditioner is on, they are more likely to get a little cold.

If going camping:Save money when making your food at the camp.Take a gas bottle and, if you want, a grill, and you’ll have everything you need to make a quick but good meal.Also carry a Swiss Army Knife, as well as a flashlight and tennis or off-road boots.

For hiking:If you want to go hiking, whether by town or country, take a backpack or a waist bag.Hands free is a blessing.

Beach bag:To avoid ruining your favorite bag, take a beach bag for the sun-bathing days.Some cloth or straw will do just fine.

Thermal bag:For warmer days and mainly to take the sandwiches to the beach.

To the beach:Take a sun hat and a windshield!They will be great allies;the windshield can also be used to make shade for the little ones, which is a great advantage.

Sigg Bottles (or the like):To not walk to buy bottled water daily, use a Sigg bottle.It’s great for the environment and the wallet!

Sewing kit:Especially with children, it is normal to have tears: avoid buying new clothes when you can sew them in an instant.

For the beach of the little ones:Do not forget to bring buoys and clamps, but attention: all care is little!If you have the opportunity, put a bracelet on the children so you can clearly distinguish them on a wide beach and do not move away from them when they are playing with the inflatables because a little wind can take them away.

Here are several tips for various types of vacations:

If you are going to travel by car:If you go by car and take your children, take a snack;the service stations are very expensive and the food you get there will not be as nutritious as a piece of fruit or a sandwich made at home.Take an alcohol gel disinfectant so they can clean their hands after eating.

If you are going by plane:As much as possible, try to carry light suitcases, that can go with you in an airplane, instead of taking bigger suitcases that go in the basement, to be able to avoid the rush to get the suitcases.It will save you time, and above all, your patience.However, it should be noted that scissors or sharp objects can not be carried on board: light scissors with round tips and cardboard files.And be careful with the new rules on liquids: packs must contain less than 100 ml each and in total can not take more than 1 liter in products.

To the field:Take an anti-mosquito;there is nothing worse than having our holiday days spoiled by the annoying mosquito bites.

If going north:Take a rain hat and warm clothes for the night.When the sun goes down, the temperature drops a lot.

If you go abroad:Take a phrase book or a dictionary, so you can communicate with ease and without confusion.

If you go on vacation to an apartment:Surely you will have food in the fridge in the house and you will not need it;if you have the possibility of cooking in your apartment, take several basic things.Include: rice, pasta, olive oil, oil, salt, pepper, vinegar, crackers and cereals.

If you go on holiday to a hotel:Beware of arrival times and opening hours of restaurants, buffets and shops of the venture: there is nothing worse than arriving at eleven o’clock at night, with an empty belly, and not find a place to eat.Inquire, and if necessary, bring a snack with you.

In addition to these tips we have already given you, also take into account the following points:

Do not forget the basics:Sometimes they are the ones who pass us by the most.Brush brush and toothpaste, a hair comb, leftover underwear, deodorant, intimate hygiene products, mobile phone charger and toilet paper.

Instead of folding clothes:Leave it on the hangers and wrap it in each other.Contrary to what it looks like, it will fit more clothes in the suitcase, you will lessen your sweat, and you will have the facility to reach the destination and hang everything in the blink of an eye, without having to worry about anything!

Map and camera:Two essential not to forget.One to keep you always on your route and another to later remember your fantastic vacation!

Make plans in advance:Take a folder with booklets of places to visit and make flat plans for a day or two of the trip. It is good to have days planned in advance and to know how and where you are going: you can go for example to a water park, historic area of ​​the city or to museums.

Detergent:Be prepared to wash laundry and/or dishes.It is always good to be prepared with at least one laundry detergent to wash it during the trip;especially as we are in the summer, your clothes will dry from one day to the next.If you go to an apartment, be ecological and forget the plastic dishes and cutlery, and prefer to use crockery that can be reusable.