Homemade Party Supplies

Good morning divas!!!
How are you doing?
Last Friday was the birthday of one of the most important people in my life, my top diva: my mother!
She is the type who always organizes party for everyone. However, this year, I, my brother and my dad decided to surprise her. My father was in charge of the buffet and I, decoration. As I’m switching jobs , the budget is limited, so we decided to do a great job in the ballroom of the building and everything was 100% home-made!

The main colors in the decoration were pink and white with details in baby blue. The centerpiece involved a lot of thinking, since I chose the wonderful cake Pamela Alcantara, which is not only  beautiful but also divine. I put some more candy and sprinkles, and made some custom totems to put in candy and chocolate cups! To give the party a charm, I bought this “R” of Genesis (mom’s name) all in pearls, and I got two artificial flower arrangements. At first, I wanted to buy two beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers like the ones I had in my original plan, but I was not happy with the price and decided to go on budget. Certainly it’s not even close to the beauty of a natural fresh flower arrangement, but the actual 300 dollars saved was worth it!
I decided to make the little bottles of water with paper straw in short notice (literally 2 hours before the party started). I just used some to decorate the table and regretted not having made more! The cheapest balloons were very cute!!
You saw how I decorated the cup of sweet strawberry chocolate? Anderson put some pink and blue with silver and pasted a half pearl on the spoon.
For the guests’ tables, I bought the fabrics and asked my aunt to sew the treadmills and the napkins. I got the same little bottles of Thai tea cozy, and just changed the lacework, to one that’s more decorative, and put on every table, along with a candle on it. it was super cute! The only thing missing was the cover of chairs! I’ve shown you the step by step of napkins making here.
For the party gifts, I wanted something unusual and had a certain “glamour”. After a long search on the Internet, I decided to make some ambiance aroma, but was scared of the prices and almost gave up until I met the Sakti on Facebook. She saved my life!
I bought beautiful bottles from her and the ingredients of the essence oil in SWISS Store (I bought the essence of bamboo, which is my mother’s favorite!). For packaging, my husband worked on the art, I arranged the printing on sticker paper, cut and pasted. I made the bows and confetti! I was a hefty amount of work, but I found it so beautiful that it was worth it! Everyone loved the memory!
Everyone didn’t leave the party empty-handed, they are given a pouch of the best macaroons in the world which were also made by cute Pamela!
Now, girls, what do you think?
Although the budget was very limited, I think I managed to make a nice decoration with what I had on hand.
Everyone loved the party, and some of my friends even booked me for future parties!
I hope you enjoyed this post, divas!! And if you want more tips or some step-by-step, let me know. Whatever do, I do with the greatest affection.

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