Horse Riding Exercises for Advanced Riders

When training horses, it is important to keep the work alternately. This includes both horse healthy and focused. With the barrier material is to perform different exercises dressage.This article contains some exercises to perform on stage.

Step Exercises with beams

For a change, it can be very fun to use in dressage training of beams. The following exercise improves coordination between horse and rider. The exercise requires a lot of concentration and attention.
What do you need?

  • An arena with a minimum size of 15m x 30m.
  • At least four obstacles bars
  • Possibly someone to help move some things


Add the two beams at an angle of ninety degrees. Low of approximately one and a half meters from ninety degrees away again into two beams at the same angle so that there is a way. Turn the horse’s hooves and send the right path. After a few steps you reach the corner. Try horse through its tools, your inside leg and outside rein to push through the turn. As you approach the maze of the other side, you must turn in the opposite direction. Try the horse with as little as possible by having the angle aids to go.
Place a bar in the container. Practice stop several times. Try to get as quickly as possible reaction, without being rough in aids. Drive down to the bar and let the horse stop when his two front legs over the bar. The horse must stand still in the bar between the front and rear legs. A difficult task where rider and horse must react quickly.
Place a bar in the container. Step longitudinally along this beam. Try after the beam tight turn down the second length of the bar to move back. Here the horse to bend properly on the inside of the leg. You can also choose to keep the horse in turn to leave places the rear side, so that you end up close beside the bar. Continue this exercise both left and right.


is still difficult to turn? Make maze wider. Use this possibly some extra toolbar to clearly specify the path. When the horse finds it exciting to go into the maze, learning first step by the two beams.
Succeed does not stop at the right time? Biting is not there to play, but just training. The horse will stop once the bar. About it? Let the horse once again to stop the bar. Try to get more control and work slowly to stop the increases above the bar.
When step along a beam effort, it is wise to exercise this first. Replacing some beams in length behind the other and move as close as possible and right along here. If the turn is a problem, start with the steps of a circle around the bar and making it smaller and smaller until you see a circle to get the beam. Now try to ride the exercise and ride twists that Voltes.


This exercise can also be performed in the trot. This horse must master a particular collection for. Add the first time the bars slightly farther apart. Run in a quiet trotting pace for the maze and turn the horse calm angle.
When the horse steps in a little extra challenge to use, you can also expand the maze with more bars. For example, create two more corners in succession. Are you really ready for a challenge? Try the maze then drive back again!
When horse and rider, the transition from horse racing to stop quickly, but gently to run this exercise can also be done on the trot. Try to let the horse several times to stop and after the beam. If this is managed well, you can try over the crossbar.
If this exercise is performed with ease reverses the rotation can be processed therein. Step a little further forward, making a turn and twist step on the same page back along the bar.

Variation: use of

Would you do anything differently? These exercises are perfect for going on to perform with the horse. Check in advance that you have on hand sufficient control. The horse must be able to join you, stopping on command, move backwards or even traveling. The exercises are good with a halter and lead rope to perform, but for more control, you can use a bridle and halter rope. A long dressage whip may be useful to just slightly more than ask the horse.Gently tap and reward your horse when you see the desired behavior.
Some horses can become over-stimulated progress. Very hands and they should pay attention. Do you think this is the case, step a few times to let the tension drain and only then go back.