How Is One Warm Winter Fishing?

Although excellent November and December months are to catch large predatory fish, it may be some unbearable if one is not properly prepared on the cold. There is the saying “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing” but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Some of you know that I come from Zimbabwe in deepest Africa, because the winter is for me in Berlin extremely cold :-). Despite the low temperatures, with the right clothing and preparation, you can catch the big fish warm and comfortable.

There are two good ways to stay warm in the winter. Either you can put on a suit or with a floating suit. It’s hard to say which is better, it depends on personal taste and what features you prefer winter fishing recommended by ALLTIMEFISHING.COM. In contrast to the suits, a floating suit in water swims. Nevertheless, he replaced no life jacket, if you fish from a boat. The prices of such suits vary enormously, but one can assume that the € 100,-must be issued, to buy a reasonable suit. At the time of purchase is sure whether the Thermo/floating suit is really windproof, waterproof, and of course warm. Here it is worth to look at other reviews and ratings (or me an email to send, I’ll do my best to respond as quickly as possible).

When selecting a glove I’ve tried many pairs. After a long time I found the perfect pair. There are Nike Golf Winter gloves, which are excellently suitable for fishing. Keep you extremely warm, but still your fingers stay flexible enough to easily handle everything, including bait changes are for those who are somewhat sensitive to the cold (like me), to recommend also padded under suits and thermal underwear.

Although I come from a much warmer climate and winters hated many years, I’ve now changed my mind. In the meantime, I am even on the autumn and the first frost because I know exactly that the chances to catch a large predator significantly rise. Which is nice and warm dressed then anything in the way. Until next time, I wish you all appreciate the roles!