How to Accessorize with Handbags

Notice to collectors compulsive, new small landing in your favorite stores. Discover the 50 models not to be missed to improve your looks.

It is by far the accessory most acclaimed by women and faithfully accompanies us in our daily lives. And despite already provided wardrobe, we still lack the model or the perfect color to associate with the latest jacket kimono or a mixed look 70’s in vogue this season.
Ideal for a calm look a little strong or otherwise revitalize an outfit a little wise, the bag itself as a “must have” absolute. Discover the key trends of this spring-summer 2016 and choose the model that will best fit your lifestyle. So stop all forms of guilt, the bags are cute our sins, and follow our advice!
It’s a rainbow sky color that is sweeping this season on your favorite accessories, with punchy colors monochrome like yellow, green, red fuchsia or blue versions. It’s time to raise your outfits with colorful touch that will fly. The mild nude also seized numerous bags to mix it with the dress bohemian spirit of this summer. The printed on them are not left with the flowers always with go and the effects python or crocodile that will highlight your sharp taste for fashion. Next season we say a big yes also to the originality and pulls it with the style bags nails, perforated, with fringes, carrier bags of cotton or monogrammed canvas. Without further ado, let you fancy shopping especially when prices are soft, and bet on more traditional and expensive basic that you will keep longer. Think about it!
What about the shapes? The bags bucket and purse still popular, are the safe bets of the season, a classic strand in plain colors, leather or suede. Also go for the printed patterns, bicolor or neoprene material for more modernity. The bag slung with her demure look will intrude on a lot of your summer looks, always sober, it is the ideal ally of the modern woman seeking chic. Finally, the bag it or mini XXL has the advantage of accompanying busy women who carry their home. Between sports equipment, office files and the security blanket of the youngest it takes place is not it?