How to Adjust Apple Watch Display Time

You wake up the screen of the Apple Watch, this remains switched on by default for 15 seconds. Usually this is enough to quickly to see if there is something new, and to read the time. Circumstances, it may be but practical to extend the amount of time. Therefore, we show how you it can set, that the screen remains active longer.

What is required?

Who would like to customize the display duration of the screen of his Apple Watch, should know that this negative in the long term will affect battery life. The battery is of course also very compact due to the small size of the wearables and as for localbusinessexplorer, the screen even when the Apple Watch is responsible for a large part of energy consumption. This you now considerably extends the time that the display of the Smartwatch is active, when you wake up it, then increases also battery power, so you have to charge the unit once again.

How can I adjust the display timer?

Would you change the time that the display of your Apple Watch stays switched on, this is very simple. First you have to from the homescreen, so from the overview with your apps, go into the settings. It continues, “General |” Enable display”, where”By typing”you can increase the duration of 15 seconds to 70 seconds. Leave the settings again and the screen stays much longer after waking from now on.


In the Apple Watch settings you can change the time that the display stays lit after waking,

The corresponding option can be found under “homescreen |” Settings | General | Display enable”under the entry”By typing”

Here you can choose between 15 and 70 seconds

Note that 70 seconds consumes considerably more battery when the display of the Apple Watch is only 15 seconds lit