How to Apply Lipstick

The lipstick is the cosmetic most loved by women: it is easy to wear, her face brightens and enhances the most important weapon of seduction, the smile. Have you ever wondered how to apply lipstick to best? Today we will delight you with useful and practical advice, solutions to have perfect lips step by step, curiosity and tricks from makeup artist.

Every woman has one, or tens, of the heart, and wear it helps them feel more beautiful and safe drawing attention to the lips. Whether thick or thin does not matter: we girls love to show off the most fashionable colors on the lips with lipstick bright as red and burgundy to the more confidence as the nude, the peach and pink, we want to have an air of glamor that follows trends fashion.

There are many brands and types of lipsticks with different finish-matte, satin, frost, sheer etc. – From opaque to those brilliant, Glitter, semi-transparent or opaque colors for ultra lips, in any case it is a cosmetic that contains generally pigments, oils, wax and emollients addition to any other active ingredients, vitamins or natural ingredients with effects healing.

Have you ever wonder how to apply lipstick to best enhance your lips? On the surface it may seem that putting lipstick is one of the simplest things to do, some might believe that there is no need to have the guidance for applying the lipstick on her lips, but if you think that we will make you think again 🙂

We first explain a full routine for applying lipstick, step by step, from the preparation of the lips to the application of color, for a perfect result.

The first step useful to have lips soft and smooth, ready to receive the lipstick, is the scrub. E ‘can make a great scrub lips with products purchased in perfumery or with simple ingredients of which all have at home, such as cocoa butter and sugar.

In case you decide to make a “homemade lip scrub”, taken with the ‘ends of tweezers for eyebrows a little cocoa butter and place it at the back of one hand, then add a little sugar to form a grainy batter, you are going to massage for about 40 seconds on the entire surface of the lips. When finished, you can remove the scrubbante based substance cocoa butter and sugar with warm water or paper towel moistened to have a snap lips smooth and completely devoid of annoying hangnails.

After removing our enemy number one when it comes to lipstick, cuticles, we are going to moisturize the skin of the lips. There are plenty of specific products for the lips, from creams to serums concentrated: especially if you often suffer from dry lips, it is important to ensure that you have always carry a good moisturizer to massage in the day.

Specifically, before you apply your favorite lipstick, it is important to have very soft lips, so it is necessary to massage for good on the lips a good chapstick and wait a few minutes (if you have more time available, the ideal would leave for 15 minutes) to ensure that the soothing substances contained inside the product can penetrate inside the delicate skin of the lips. After the exposure time is therefore appropriate to remove the cocoa butter using a tissue, in order to begin to rig his lips flawlessly.

A very important step, but optional, is the drafting of the pencil, which must be the same color of lipstick or at least get closer to the nuances of the product that you choose to apply. This will give a better grip and exceeding the applied lipstick to her lips.

The pencil is applied with precision around the lips in small touches, or over the entire surface of the lips for a better grip of the lipstick and to emphasize the color. The board smart to do last longer the pencil on the lips? Spread a thin layer of powder with a special brush or a latex sponge.

After exfoliated, hydrated and outlined lips with specific products come to the most important moment, that of’application of lipstick, the product of make up most loved in the world. E ‘can spread directly from the stick or with his fingers, but of course, if you want an accurate result and effect is necessary to use a specific brush and put lipstick holding the half open mouth.

The best way to apply the lipstick on the upper lip is to start running out from the center to the edges, while the lower one is necessary to do the contrary, by applying the lipstick with subtle touches from the corners to the center. In this way, the result will be impeccable, and our lips are beautiful and perfectly colored.

L ‘application of gloss after lipstick is one step is optional, but for those who want an effect super bright and also a fair result and plumping easily accomplished, you can dab a little gloss in the center of the lips, which will make instantly brighter and sexy your make up and of course your smile.

Finally to fix everything, you can avail yourself of a professional liquid product able to fix the thin film of lipstick, or, if you have not used the gloss, dab again the transparent cipra for a mat and lasting effect. If you dream of an effect “lip velvet”, set your favorite lipstick with the matte powder eye shadow: the velvety effect is beautiful, scenic and very trendy, try it!

Another interesting trick to have beautiful lips and defined? Sketch not only the outline of the inner lips, but also the external one, using a special corrective pencil flesh-colored, now available in many perfumeries, or with the help of a thin brush and of the corrector: after applying the lipstick is thus possible to wipe the contours to make more precise the stretch and lighten the area, for a plumping effect remarkable and easy to obtain.

According to Greek mythology was  Venus to use the first “makeup to lips”: it is said that the goddess of beauty and love was the first woman to dye her lips with the juice of wild cherries, winning in this so the valiant Paris. Historically lipstick is known to have been used 5000 years ago in ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, as if it were a precious jewel, an ornament to beautify themselves. The Egyptians had their own particular composition of lipstick and you think that Cleopatra used a lipstick made ​​from pigments of beetles and ants.

Today, a little ‘as Venus, all we love to brighten the color of our lips with a nice  lipstick, the latter recognized as a beauty accessory par excellence, used to feel more beautiful, to feel sexy, seduce and maybe try to impress on important occasions of our lives

We hope that this small step by step guide on how to apply lipstick could be useful: let us know if you take care of your lips and rigged in this way or if you use other tricks. In this case do not hesitate to share them with us!

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