How to be a Basketball Coach

Trainer is now difficult to find a good coach is almost nowhere to be found. It always raises great frustration among the players who feel that their coach teaches them nothing. This article describes some tips and rules you can keep on giving basketball training. This is not to say that after reading this article, your training to be effective. This article only gives guidelines as an undergraduate must meet.

For What Goals

The guidelines will be declared inapplicable to a certain age. This article is written for coaches of teams who play basketball, but still want to book in advance will perhaps eventually to participate on a more professional level. It will probably notice that it always went back to the basics of basketball. This may sound childish, but remember that if you ask most professional basketball player, what and how they are trained, they will respond to the fundamentals.
Just to give a quote from Michael Jordan. “There is a right way and a wrong way to do things that you can practice shooting eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you will have been very good at shooting the wrong way. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will increase.”

Where to Start

As basketball trainer / coach, you must first know what type of meat you have in the cockpit. Do not you know this, it is appropriate to form a first main training all in one batch. So you can watch the entire workout long, what is the next year must be trained. Probably we will immediately return to the basics. Of course, many other aspects of the players trained, but the basics are always a hit.
When you know where you’re at, there should be a training program for the longest time possible. So you know in advance when dealing with a particular aspect of basketball. This also gives players greater security in having a well-prepared coach who trains merge into each other.
Which players of all ages can appreciate a well-prepared coach, so certainly a coach who is already working to develop rules and training before the season started. It is therefore very useful as a coach predetermined rules on training and competition to compose, and share their players for the coming period.
Some useful rules are:

  • We are entering a difficult upcoming season if we do not have fun, so have fun but can be respectful towards each other.
  • If you do not agree with your coach or teammates, then prefer to discuss after training instead of training to keep up with a discussion.
  • Too often do not work out, even at the expense of your playtime if you are 1,000 times as good as the rest.
  • Making a technical fault on a match, will face basically the rest of the game from the coach on the bench.
  • If a workout a mistake is made in a different way than the defending player players call the error.A player so to say, a broken neck is beaten not call it a mistake for him is, we assume that the defense is honest enough to admit their mistakes.
  • If the coach / referee feels that a mistake is made, then he is right, you have to accept.No discussion.
  • Unsubscribe to a training / competition hands on time with the coach.
  • You always study for training and competition.That’s not to say you can not come to a test or exam weeks.Basketball training needed to plan a couple of hours, so learn not to tangle with training and studies.
  • 200% effort

To Share in Education

Each workout consists of a warm up, followed by stretching and ends with a cool down. The heating takes about 20 minutes and is a good opportunity to practice the basics. The slowdown should last at least 10 minutes. This can usually be done the next best training after training, so that no time is wasted on education. Further training will be taught entirely at our discretion. If the first 20 minutes on dribbling and shots technologies than the rest of the training to be paid to the even weaker aspects of the team. The best exercises usually in a batch format. If high pressure is put on education through defense’ll reap the fruits of matches. Secondly, educated, defense and offense in this way.


What is the result of these guidelines is of course uncertain. But it increases the probability of a team that trains hard and ultimately will achieve better results. Good exercises are everywhere, in books, on the Internet and with experienced coaches. How to expect a law will only learn by experience.