How to Choose a Bicycle For Children in Three Easy Steps

Lost on what bike for children we choose for our children?

All parents want to be more light, the more cool bike for our son and that it lasts a long time, so we must take into account three aspects that are going to help make this possible and to make this bike your best companion of adventures.

How To Choose A Bicycle For Children

First step:

Identify Height And Age Of The Child

This signal we will help you choose the size of the bike. We could group them into the following steps:

Bike without pedals (<90 cm)

3-5 years-14-inch (90 cm in 1,05 m),

4-6 years 16 inch ((1.05 m to 1.20 m),

6-8 years 20-inch (1,20 m to 1.35 m),

From 8 years 24-inch (1.35 m 1.55 m).

These measures are approximate and will always depend on manufacturer, so we will have to consult the Guide size.

It is important to know that at a certain age we will see children of very different heights, so between height and age, always will prevail the height, taking into account that it is a measure on the rise, missing for example a few centimeters to change size of bike, I advise you to opt for the larger and take longer bicycle. Always checking that you can circulate safely, of course.

Second step

Identify The Level Of Practice Of Child

We often detect three-tier practice, drawn from the relationship between the number of hours of children and their level of practical experience.

The Discoverer

It is his first bicycle, first experience on two wheels. We must bear in mind that the first time it may be crucial so you lose the fear and fans to two wheels, so should be a bike 100% adapted to the small, adapted brakes, seatpost, chain guard; to make it as convenient and comfortable as possible.


This would be his second bike, already know how to ride on a bike and has learned to stop, turn and has a control of the same. We should not worry so much by the stabilizers or protective gear, but more rather than continue learning and enjoying a bicycle for children according to their size. So keep learning and improving, we recommend a bike for children a little more light and add gearshift, that will help you move up a level in their learning and enjoyment. If there are new challenges, is kept alive the flame!

The Lover Of The Two Wheels

He has found its maximum passion cycling through bike yellow pages and in YELLOWPAGESINTHEUSA is to maintain this desire. We will make each output a unique experience. We like to make tours of 1 hour or even more and already a bike only with rear transmission falls us short on according to that slopes. Therefore will seek a broad in the marches development and greater lightness, as well as a few powerful brakes that allow my son move safely.

And finally:

Do You Need A Supplement?

It is as important as choosing the correct size you choose the basic accessories for the safety and comfort of the small.

So you should ask yourself:

Do We Have To Helmet At Home?

At his age it is mandatory and highly recommended. A Council, if the father or the mother put it, it is easier to the son also does. Also recommend the use of gloves, if the child falls, will prevent that you scraping is the hands.

Bottle to hydrate ourselves in our outputs: often parents who carry water for the children. Help them to be responsible with their own water and put a water bottle on his bike for children.

And if we suffer a puncture in our output? Carry a spare tube, levers and a pump to inflate will prevent your child is frustrated and need walk.

These would be the steps to be followed so that our small discover, to start and continue with his passion for the two wheels. And when we have it clear, we only need choose model, color and type of bike!!