How to Choose a Good Surveillance Camera

Today, many individuals do not hesitate to be equipped with surveillance cameras to deter burglars.Simple cameras that plug into the computer completely autonomous cameras, the user is spoiled for choice. Yet it must know which will work best.

Models of surveillance cameras

Whether inside or outside, there are on the market a multitude of high-performance surveillance cameras.Discrete or imposing, with or without flexible objective, the surveillance camera comes in various forms.

It can be equipped with a recorder, connected directly to the computer or have an SD card that stores all images.

The wireless camera remains the most acclaimed because it works both day and night, and proves easy to implement.

Webcams to monitor remotely on a computer a specific place.

Infrared cameras are used only at night, says DELUXESURVEILLANCE.

However prefer a IP camera to an analog camera. If the second is indeed good, the first offer many more options, including viewing live images on your mobile phone.

The selection criteria

To find out which surveillance camera is best for you, start by asking you where you want to place any surface and will be monitored. The IP cameras, which have an infrared function, for example ideal for filming at night or in dark corners.

The specific space, you must choose between a fixed camera or a mobile camera. If your surveillance camera is installed inside your home, the first option is then sufficient. If you buy a security camera for security reasons, it is better to build on that which can detect movements; you will have more peace of mind. The choice of camera will depend on the use you make of it. No need to arm yourself with a whole system, if it is only to monitor your door.

The price range

The price of a security camera varies depending on the model and options that are provided. You will find in the store base models to less than 100 €. The most complete systems for monitoring can cost you up to € 2,000, if you want sophisticated equipment. Note that cameras remain the cheapest (about € 50) while the price of an IP outdoor camera can go up to 600 €.

Where to find it?

Surveillance cameras are usually bought in DIY stores, where you can test the device and obtain a guarantee. Internet allows you to compare prices in different structures, or find a cheaper camera in the traditional trade.