How to Choose a Sport Jacket

This article answers a question from Michel, Subscriber to our newsletter, who is looking for a sport jacket for the practice of several sports, and a budget of 100 euros. You will find sheets techniques, photos, and comments.

Regularly, through this blog, we receive many questions on sports nutrition, training or outdoor equipment. We often respond by mail, and if it obviously benefits a person, we are a little frustrated that it does not benefit the largest number. We have decided to create a topic Q & a, questions and answers.

Sport jacket: the problem

Hello Jean-Marc.

I choose ” booster my VMA” (note, Michel had the choice as a gift between two of our courses after buying a bag of trail Oxsitis), also I am looking for 1 jacket light and waterproof, breathable, which allows me to do the trail, running, mountain biking, race bike, so I can take with me folded in my bag, and use it when the wind and rain to invite on my course.

If you can offer me what you you would choose, with bonus a great price, this would be the best!

As for the budget for the jacket, a max of 100 euros would already be a lot!

In any case, thank you and congratulations for your job,

Cordially and especially sportily.


Sport jacket: the difficulties of this choice

Choose a running jacket is already too complicated to choose his running shoes. But when this jacket must be versatile in several sports, this makes it still more difficult.

A running jacket must be light and must be easily stored in a backpack, according to ethnicityology. In addition, it is often a selection criterion that go down, but this sport jacket must also give free rein to your movements and not be a hindrance, I think, for example of the ‘pendulum’ arms.

For an ATV jacket or for cycling on road, it must be long enough to cover the full trunk of your body. Because when the rain runs down the jacket on your hips, it’s not nice and it ends up dip you down clothing. If it long enough, the effect will be less.

It will be very difficult to reconcile the two, very few jackets running down to the hips.

A sport jacket must also be adjustable (by a drawstring) to be worn correctly, regardless of the morphology of the athlete.

As for the price, 100 euros is a low price to find a sport jacket that is both windproof and waterproof, Fortunately, we are in sales and promotions of all kinds, it is one of the best times of the year to invest in a good sport jacket.

Sport jacket: Craft Elite Run Weather Jacket

It is 120 euros. We are a little over budget, but on sale, it can be a good deal.

It has technology VentAir Wind (wind and waterproof), a stretch fabric (freedom of movement), an adjustable hood, ventilation openings (evacuation of sweating), an inner pocket for your mp3 player, and reflective elements to increase your visibility.

This sport jacket is worn close to the body.

As weakness, I see mainly the absence of additional pockets (it may also the MP3 pocket a little small to put something like a cell phone) and also lack size elastic or a drawstring to optimize its port.

My opinion: Cut wind and waterproof, this asked and does it well.Small “faults” are ineligible for the normal price (160 euros), but can spend its promotional price.

Sport jacket: Salomon Bonatti WP

When we talk about sport jacket for a MultiSport and outdoor practice, it is difficult not to mention one of the market leading brands: Salomon

Salomon Bonnati WP jacket is very light and compact. She owns the Clima Wind Pro technology, which guarantees it to be waterproof and breathable (10K / 10K).

She also has a hood with visor that stays in place, waterproof zips, elastic waist for a good fit, one chest pocket with inner pocket and passage for earphones, reflective logos for more visibility as asset.

And the icing on the cake, this sport jacket is a compatible product UTMB.

Its current price (on sale) is 120 euros.

My opinion: this really is a good deal. She is compatible UTMB, and has little more like zips, elastic waist. Its normal price is 160 euros. When this sport jacket is on sale, it is hard to resist…

Sport jacket: Raidlight Top Extreme

We stay at the same price: 120 euros

Is also on sale, because its price is 160 euros approximately, as the other two jackets.

Raidlight is a French brand designed by a trailer, Benoit Laval.You will soon discover on this site an interview I did in his company during the last running Paris expo.

She has the Membrane MP + technology (impermeability and breathability 15 k / 15 k), a Full-Zip waterproof with protects Chin, a retractable into the collar hood and adjustable at the top and on the sides, 2 zippered pockets for the storage or refuelling, a hublot watch thermocollees seams (anti-friction and robustness), a hem to the size adjustable with elastic clamping, reflective elements.

It can be folded in his pocket.

My opinion: everything that is sought in a jacket is there. For me, it is also a bargain at this price.

Sport jacket: Nike Trail Kiger Printed

We are now in the budget of Michel. She is 105 euros in promotion, his suggested price of 140 euros.

She has the Dri-Fit technology to stay dry, a hoodie (with possibility to store the hood has the help of a pressure), a tightening at the waist, feet prints to the shoulders for the adhesion of the backpack, an inner pocket in net, two zippered pockets, reflective elements.

This jacket Nike is also folding in one of two zippered pockets.

My opinion: Undeniably, it has many advantages: clamping link, many pockets, folding. Dri-FIT material allows you to stay dry and comfortable during exercise. I wonder just on its impermeability so the rain lasts long, as it is presented by Nike as first being a windproof jacket.

Sport jacket: Inov-8 Race Elite SoftShell Pro 315

DWR technology ensures the impermeability of the product.

There is also material Soft Shell (wind and waterproof),technology Pertex Equilibrium (moisture and maintains a body temperature), self-locking Pertex Equilibrium 4-Way Stretch technology for better freedom of movement, Pertex Quantum technology (with better protected areas), a hood with integrated visor adjustable back, right and left with system a tongue scratch to replicate and maintain the hood.

Its size has a self-locking. There are also past-inches waterproof, a zipped front pocket, past-headphones in the front pocket with a loop inside the collar to keep your son of headphones.

Of course, this sport jacket Inov-8 Race Elite 315 SoftShell Proal so has reflective elements.

On sale, it is sold 88 euros (normal price 120 euros)

My opinion: This sport jacket is very technical and fits perfectly into the budget of Michel. It has the main. INOV is a very focused brand outdoor sports and very often, its products are of excellent quality. Certainly, one of my favorites for Michel.

Sport jacket: PureProject Brooks

97 euros, instead of 150, we are in the presence of a sports jacket which is undergoing one of the biggest discounts (-35%).

I already tested a sport jacket Brooks on this site, it’s the jacket running Brooks Silver Bullet Jacket 2. You can read this test by clicking on the link.

She you will protect against the rain and bad weather.

Brooks jacket has a hood neck with an adjustable amount, a self-locking with zipper protects Chin, stretchy wrists with past-thumb, 2 zipped side pockets, 1 zipped chest pocket sealed with passage for earphones, 1 cord clamping to the size and reflective elements for safety.

My opinion: Brooks produces high quality products. The very urban look of this PureProject sport jacket will allow you in addition to wear at all times to condition of course love this look.

Sport jacket: in the end

Of course, there are many other brands or many other models. It is impossible to make the tour of the owner.

The choice of this sport jacket for Michel should be on 2 main criteria:

Firstly that his jacket is both windproof and waterproof. If it falls too low in his budget, he won’t get both, and it will not be protected adequately over time. If my recollection is correct, he lives on the side of Brest (Brittany), and weather conditions can be very bad, even in summer. That’s the charm of Brittany

The feature of his jacket must be considered: pockets, tightening the belt, freedom of movement, hood that holds up.

Would you have what sport jacket recommended Michel?

Share your experience in the practice of sport with a sport jacket also in the comments below.

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