How to Choose Coffee Table

Usually placed at the heart of the piece, the coffee table is a key element in the living room. The form, structure, material and size are essential to achieve the atmosphere of your choice. Find out how to choose his coffee table.

The wrong choice of a coffee table has consequences for the layout of your living room. To choose, here are the questions you should ask yourself:

What style I want to give my home?

Choose the style of your living room will help you choose your coffee table. Followers of style spirit nature, inspired by the Scandinavian style, wood and neutral colors are in order. For lovers of the industrial design way loft, the best is to move towards a coffee table to the raw materials (crude wood, metal, steel). For a minimalist and sober decoration, whether classic or contemporary, the best is to opt for a glass coffee table.

How do I use my coffee table?

That your living room is small or very large, the coffee table can be any single or multifunction with drawers, lockers and additional trays. The coffee table can be a simple side table dedicated to ask your newspapers, books and magazines, where it fits in a living room furnished only to relax. The coffee table can also combine several functions, serving meals or table table to receive the guests for tea or an aperitif, while sheltering storage to keep its functionality (for newspapers, books, objects of decoration, cables, remote controls,…)

How much space do I have to install my coffee table?

Once the sofas and chairs in the living room, watch the free space in the heart of the piece to determine the place that you have to install the coffee table. It will also take into account the necessary space between the coffee table and sofas / chairs for pleasantly in the living room.For this, the better is to take action with your meter, and put you in a situation! The tip is also to score measures on the ground using an adhesive tape to well aware of the volume of the table.

How to choose the height of my coffee table?

According to PROZIPCODES.COM, your coffee table height depends on the height of your sofa (it is preferable that the coffee table is from the same height, or slightly lower than the couch, but never higher).

Choose the material of his coffee table

The material of the coffee table is consistent with the style chosen in the room. It is advisable to choose the material according to its interior and its lifestyle thinking alongside practical and functional, and the maintenance of the coffee table. Here are the subjects to focus on:

A low wooden table

Warm and timeless wood creates a sober and elegant natural style which fits a northern world only to a minimalist designuniverse as well. If you want a low wooden table, check if you have other elements in wood in the living room (a sofa with a base wood or decorative wooden items). If this is the case, it must also do not mix too much wood species to maintain a harmonious living. Namely that the low wooden table is ultra durable and stand the shocks.

A coffee table made of plastic

In the air of time and little flimsy, plastic coffee table has the advantage of decline in a wide range of colors to fit all universes. The plastic also helps the table for forms single or original (from the square to the wavy shape through the sine, circular or rectangular shape) to revisit the decoration and bring a little freshness to the show. Atypical, plastic coffee table is as light to move according to your desires without any difficulty. Preferred for small spaces, studios, and also with the child in infancy to avoid any danger with the corners.

A glass coffee table

Giving an impression of grandeur and lightness to the living room, the glass coffee table is, very fragile, but it easily blends with any décor thanks to its transparency. As well suitable for contemporary interiors than the classic interiors (all depends on its design and if it is associated with other materials), this model can become the centerpiece of the living room. To avoid, however, if you have children in infancy. The glass coffee table is preferred in the small living rooms for not to overload the décor while bringing a certain style. As for its maintenance, more sensitive than the low wooden table, glass coffee table clean with a cloth and a product for windows.

Choose the form of his coffee table

The shape of the table depends on your decorating, especially other furniture surrounding it.

A round coffee table or a coffee table oval

The round or oval coffee table can be very light, when it is based on a base end, as strong and imposing when his wife base the rounded shape of its plate. Always very friendly, the round table is better suited to major shows where it will take place at the Center, surrounded by several furniture: a couch and many chairs for example. Some round tables contain storage space built into the base, others play with their tray with compartments and drawers for a fun decoration. If you have a small living room and you absolutely want a round coffee table, consider pull-out round tables, modular space!

A square coffee table

Ideal if you use as your coffee table to dine, work or draw, the square coffee table is suitable for a large number of spaces, you just need to adapt the size to the surface. Perceived asrobust, giving character to the show, the square table is not welcome in the small interiors, for fear of too much to add decoration and not properly circulate around. Practical, the square coffee table is often accompanied by a second tray in part bass to store books and newspapers.

A rectangular coffee table

The rectangular coffee table is the most common form in the interiors. She should be well developed a large corner sofa lounges or furnished lounge with two sofas installed face to face. The rectangular coffee table is also the model best suited to close salons, designed long.It is the model that best adapts to all surfaces and in all configurations. So, to be able to circulate freely in the room, choose a narrow, but long, table to keep it useful and functional. If your living room is small, consider choosing a base end and discreet avoiding feet outward (as we often see on the Scandinavian coffee tables) for not to stumble. Choice, consistent with the style of your decoration, the rectangular coffee table can become a decorative advantage, or even the essential part of your living room…