How to Choose Compression Socks

Choosing medical linen should be taken especially with attention. He is intended to enhance the therapeutic effect in the treatment of certain disorders of the vascular, maintain muscle tone and prevent complications in the postoperative period.

in order not to aggravate the disease and help the body cope with their own illness, it is necessary to know exactly how to choose socks compression.

Degree of Compression

First, you must determine the correct amount of compression that will provide venous blood flow in the legs and help increase rehabilitation. In any case, obtain competent care, so as soon as the doctor can correctly determine what type of compression is appropriate for the patient.

I degree of compression stockings as a preventive measure it is recommended to bring people who have long been on their feet or, conversely, to engage in sedentary work behind a desk, computer or driving car.

Compression II level is indicated for venous insufficiency and varicose veins, as in the case of pathological pregnancy with severe swelling of the legs, closed calf injury and considerable muscle stress in athletes who are prone to the disease.

III degree of compression is recommended in patients with trophic complications of varicose veins and those who underwent surgery of the veins or undergoing treatment rehabilitation after open fractures of the limbs.

Consult with Your Doctor

Knitwear I degree of compression, including tights, stockings, tights, you can choose your own or with the help of the seller in orthopedic specialty stores and pharmacy departments.

Choice stockings II and III degree of compression to be agreed with the doctor who is obliged to appoint standby wear to determine the type of medical hosiery held detailed consultations on hygiene and dress code of this type of underwear.

Compression Underwear

the level of compression you need to choose the right size. To do this, measure the leg in the foot, ankle, lower leg, knee and thigh. Proceduresa measurement is best immediately after sleep lying down position without reducing feet of bed. Many is hard to do, so it is advisable to remove sizes using a medical officer in the hospital. Homes require the involvement of relatives.

incorrectly matched stockings can not help but boli.Chuvstvoto to wear is in the lower limbs, which creates an artificial physiological pressure profile, 100% of the area of ​​the ankle, 70% – of the area of ​​the upper part of the calf and 40% – of the thigh region. With rebuilt close to normal movement in the direction of venous blood from the lower extremities to the heart.

Models of Compression Stockings

Elastic compression stockings orthopedic underwear as presents several models:

  • Classic tights look a little different from the usual linen shirt
  • Socks with mountings silicone rubber
  • Socks in therapeutic belt with Velcro
  • Chorapiotvoren nose, targeting patients with larger feet socks

Right Choice – Quality

Compression quality sock depends on the material for their production. The price these jerseys is quite high: a couple can cost half to 5000 rubles. These money is not lost, it is best to buy the cheapest model and make sure the size and type of compression stockings are selected correct. In this case, they are not going to cause discomfort, irritation, allergic reactions.

1-2 weeks trial can be replaced by a pair of expensive European or American production knitwear. Companies, well proven in the market of orthopedic services, care for the quality of its products, and it is safe to say that their concerns the same goes for people who need medical team.

Manufacturers renowned leader compression underwear busy Medi German company, Italian manufacturer and Relaksan US Venateks.

In our country they deliver classic and upgraded models of male and female socks compression and compression garment from Shoe-wiki  for pregnant women, hospital teams, sleeves and gloves.

If there is no need to buy a pair of socks, you can buy only one or socks to choose different sizes for right and left feet. This can contribute to more effective.

Compression should be handled wearing and compliance with the hygiene rules: regular washing and preferably regular shift. Wash hands compression should be without the use of aggressive detergents, with the obligatory rinse under running water. Pressing and twisting is not recommended not to disturb the structure of the synthetic fibers that make up the knitted fabric of underwear.