How to Choose Earrings for Wedding

Some women can not leave home without a nice pair of earrings to complete their outfit or simply dress up their face. And you know what? They are quite right! The earrings really possible to get a little more value.

But for this it is necessary to choose and especially on her wedding day! With a pair of earrings for hairstyles, you can rebalance your head carriage if you have a small neck, or rather a long neck. It should also take into account the shape of your face. So, choose earrings is similar to the act of choosing the right hairstyle for her face or dress that will correspond to its morphology. Before choosing your earrings for MEDICINELEARNERS, it is essential to know what kind of BO go for you!

For your wedding day, the shape of your earrings will counteract with the shape of your face:

-If you have a round face, you should direct you to a pair of dangling earrings, not round not to accentuate the roundness of your face.The pendant will appear to refine the shape of your face. But beware, the jewelry will remain, non-bulky.

-If you have a square face, turn to the round earrings to give a little sweetness to this strong face. You can also opt for rounded pending.Above all, avoid the loops too angular ears.

-If you have a long thin face, your best allies are the short and wide earrings. That is just the opposite of your face shape. The goal is to radically counteract and balance the whole.

-If you have a heart shaped face, it will turn to the opposite shape to your face. Or narrow earrings at the base and wider at the bottom.It’s a bit the same principle as a long face. In terms of earrings, opposites attract! 😉

-Finally, the oval face as often spoiled for choice and little afford everything. The lucky!

Choose your earrings depending on the length of your neck:

-If your neck is short, avoid too long earrings. Otherwise, your neck will look even smaller.

-If your neck is long, you can afford to wear long earrings. This choice will fit you better.

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