How to Choose Glasses Based on Face Shape

Cat-eye, round glasses, geometric frames… There are increasingly more choice when looking for glasses view or the pairs of solar. Here is a small guide to navigate and pick the best pair. HomeStretch to choose THE pair of sunglasses that will accompany you during this summer vacation.

If you do not know what to take, thankfully, there are some rules to afford glasses that will go perfectly with the shape of your face. The advantage is that these rules are also valid for the eyeglasses for the solar. That way, if need you also in September, you know directly which seek! The shape of the frame: There is no secret, all the faces may not carry all types of glasses. In order to harmonize the face, therefore wear a form contrary to that which constitutes its morphology.-Angular faces: a mount round to soften the features. -Round faces can afford a mount square or geometrical which structure the face.-Oval faces are lucky, they can wear anything. There are more to choose! -Triangular faces: better an oval mount who will forget a Chin a bit too sharp. The color of glasses based on skin tone: Once the form is chosen, there are still focus on the color. And according to the skin tone, all the colors are not worth. -For skin to cold shades: all colors that contain blue you will embellish. Rose, mauve, burgundy, white, black… -For skin to warm colors: to shades of yellow it will turn: beige, nude, Khaki, orange red… Finally, despite all these rules, remember to choose adapted to your view with a solar index big enough to protect you from the rays of the Sun with chic sunglasses from SUNGLASSESWILL.COM!