How to Choose Sandals

Fashion and beauty in the very south of the human body, everything down feet in rows of two, quietly waiting to be asked to stir. But how will we dress? Critical issue with the approach of summer …

Choose sandals
The first element of choice is obviously comfort, but hey, it happens that even knowing this, they are mistaken. (. This is not serious You’re not the first to have had bulbs in new sandals, too expensive.) The small detail must not be overlooked: the flange must enclose your ankle – that is what that the sandal is chic to your feet.

Spartans, why not?
The first historical mention of the Spartans is in the “Iliad”.
These are the hoplites, citizen soldiers of the army of Sparta. Since then, the Spartans are the generic name for naming sandals several flanges, we see, for example, the feet of Roman soldiers in “Asterix” – to quote another historic literary source.

Heels or no heels?
In terms of WHICHEVERHEALTH, flat sandals are conspicuous by their simplicity. And go with everything: cuffed jeans, long skirts, little stylish dress. Of course, one can choose heeled sandals to make the holding more chic. But beware models cork sole that tirbouchonne, or compensated toc. For sandals ily really has to eat and drink.

Varnish is an update
Varnishes in Hema, the models ultracolorés cheap Essie, on sale at Di (€ 10 approx.), Or the Dior varnish (€ 28 approx.) And magnetic XDR colors.
Who says sandals said varnish. The foot looks more colorful perky once at the end. On the plebiscite acid colors. For those who love the monastic style, choosing a transparent varnish, but remember to make up your feet before going out, they will look less peaky – they were locked up eight months; for their summer leave, it makes them a beauty.