How to Choose Sapphire Jewelry

After talking about diamonds, aquamarines, jades, morganiti and semiprecious stones (coral, lapis lazuli, turquoise) I would say that it’s time to figure out How to choose jewelry with sapphires.

The reason is simple: you know theengagement ring that Prince William has given Kate Middleton?

It’s 18-carat Sapphire well with a side of diamonds which Charles gave to Lady Diana.Well, you asked me many details about that ring because it is a jewel among the desires of many. Then all that remains is to go ahead and figure out how to choose jewelry with sapphires because never let it be said that it does not provide the technical elements to grant the wishes of a woman!

Sapphire jewelry in history

I don’t know if you know this, but according to, sapphires are synonymous with romance and royalty and is also why I have been used to decorate the clothes of monarchs and members of the clergy for many hundreds of years.

If you’ve noticed the Queen Maxìma of Holland he inherited between real gems even a tiara with sapphires.

Like all famous gemstones, Sapphire was also known in antiquity through religious and mythological tales. He thinks that the Persians even believed it was the Sapphire to give the sky its colours through his reflexes!

Sapphire characteristics

Looking at the jewellery with sapphires, Sapphire Gemological standpoint is a corundum (Ruby) and can have colors ranging from pale blue to deep Indigo. The color cornflower blue Sapphire is the finest nuance, that is neither too much nor too pastel navy blue.

Did you know that you can also find fancy sapphires, i.e. with natural colors other than blue: gray, yellow, pink, Orange, green, purple and Brown, sometimes very rare (for example, the pink-orange-colored Padparadscha).

Traditionally the Sapphire is mined in Ceylon, Burma (Mogok), Madagascar and, to a lesser extent, Cambodia (Pailin), China, Kenya, Laos, Nigeria, Tanzania, Thailand, Usa (Montana) and Viet Nam.

How to choose a Sapphire

Generally Sapphire is a stone less expensive than a Ruby, emerald or diamond.

However, as always when it comes to precious stones, the quality of a sapphire is linked to certain parameters: color, cut, clarity, size and treatments.

As for the color, when you think about buying a Sapphire jewel I suggest you ask if the stone has undergone some treatment for migliorlo (heat treatment, dyeing, coating, etc.). The finest Sapphires have a shade of deep blue and pure, that does not change according to the light. The stones that are too dark or too light are less important.

As for the cut, you will easily find the jewellery with sapphires and oval cushion (faceted) as Kate just to be clear. But you’ll also see heart-cut sapphires or baguette. If then you will happen under a carat, Sapphire is also brilliant cut, Emerald and sapphire jewelry princesse.

For the purity of a sapphire, as few inclusions has the better its quality. According to the standard, the inclusions should not be visible to the naked eye from a distance of 15 cm (purity eye-clean). However there are some microscopic inclusions (called flower,milk or silk) that can give an almost velvety stone, accentuating the beauty and the value.

Some jewellery with sapphires

Jewellery with sapphires that I report are creations of fine jewelry, very important and elegant. Actually on the market you will also find jewelry with sapphires affordable, with a classic and simple design which you can use on different occasions. But I am convinced that if we’re going to dream, dream big!

Having said that you point out 4 big brands and their jewellery with sapphires that have impressed me (see my gallery).

Chopard and his big ring with Sapphire Centre, by 2014 the Red Carpet collectionearrings pendants and the semicircle, and the girogola with Sapphire Pendant.

Crivelli and his dangling earrings with white diamonds (kt. 3.65) and sapphires (kt. 7.10), spiral earrings with diamonds and sapphires (8.90 Carat) Gold (kt 15.84) white lace pattern. His ring to double cross with hearts to contraire (kt. 2.23 diamonds and 3.15 Carat Sapphire) and his crew neckline with 3 revolutions of pavé diamonds (kt. 11.81) and pavé diamonds alternating with sapphires (kt 18.70) of various sizes (kt. 9.18).

Damiani and her ring Queen Cleopatra (£ 9900) with diamonds (kt. 0.90) and sapphires (kt. 3.95).

And then there are also the ring Soul (€ 6940) with diamonds (0.15 Carat), sapphires and aquamarine and the Blood earrings (£ 10,990).

Leo Pizzo has, finally, with its floral earrings with diamonds and sapphires.

I’d like to close this beautiful showcase with a final reflection on Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, that so many women envy.

Do you know why Prince Charles chose him for Diana? Because the Sapphire symbolizes loyalty. Now, I would say that (even) on this side that man wasn’t a number one (what about Camilla??), and that the Sapphire has then brought all this great fortune to Princess Diana.

Yet I am convinced that I would have trouble finding a woman who, despite these premises unattractive, would accept the engagement ring from William. There is nothing to do, always the same story: women of Fables, Princes (or assumed) and tears we like from died or not?!?!