How to Choose Ski Goggles

You like sport? You practice one or more regular or intensive?

Then you have certainly realized that the practice of your favorite sport require special glasses, tailored to the specificities of the sport: impact resistance, light weight, resistance to water, sunscreen, etc.

To help the athletes of you to choose efficient eyeglasses or sunglasses, we will devote in the coming weeks, 5 articles in HARTSELLECLOTHING.COM to different kinds of sports:

  • The outdoor sports and outdoor (roller skating, horseback riding, biking, cross …) ,
  • The water sports (swimming pool, sea)
  • The sports (including collective) that are practiced indoors ,
  • The accuracy of sports (golf, shooting, fishing …)
  • and finally the mountain sports (skiing, trekking, hiking, snowboarding …) .

Today, I offer you some tips to choose your glasses before a stay in the mountains, skiing or snow sports.

Mountaineering, mountain hiking, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, running …

You know that the mountain is a medium in which your order will be severely tested.

In skiing, I recall, the reflection of the sun on the snow can really cause serious damage to your sight as snow returns 85% of light rays (against 20% water, 15% sand and 10% grass ).

In the practice of mountain sports, we must take into account:

  • the bright light (glare)
  • harmful radiation (UV and IR)
  • sometimes difficult climatic conditions,
  • fogging,
  • the lateral field of vision,
  • falls, jerks
  • and loss of visual perception (judgment of distances and terrain), especially in bad weather.

That is why all the mountain sports require wearing glasses really adapted.

What to emphasize to choose suitable glasses in the mountains

Here are three criteria it is in my opinion essential to take into account before practicing mountain sports:

  • The opaque frames (and lenses that cover the UV rays), to protect the brightness and harmful rays,
  • The curved or with side protection shell glasses, to ensure a large enough side vision and maintaining good protection if dropped,
  • An airy frame , offsetting sweating and limit fogging.

This is why the choice of a  ski mask is obviously a good option

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