How to Choose Sunglasses?

For many people, the sunglasses have exclusively aesthetic purpose.

What many people don’t know is that they are indispensable for the health.

Eye diseases can be caused because of overexposure to the sun.

The sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays, of possible debris that may enter the eye (insect, dust) and contribute to reduce eyestrain when exposed in the light.

The site showed that there are many reasons for wearing sunglasses.

More important to buy a model that fits your style, choose sunglasses that can really contribute to the health of the eyes.

The website has some tips for choosing the sunglasses.

  • UV protection is essential. This prevents damage to your eyes. Buy in trusted locations and those with adhesive seal attached to the glasses. Buy with at least 90% protection (there is no consensus on this). Is a filter that is placed on the lenses (transparent layer) in Brazil lack a clear and precise rules on this aspect. Give preference to glasses with Inmetro seal.
  • Lens material. The material has to do much with the resistance. The most common is to find on the market of polycarbonate. They serve, but are not as tough as the NXT polyurethane (which is also much more expensive).
  • Spherical or aspherical lens? Several sites/resportagens recommend aspherical lenses. This is wrong! Each case is different. Cannot is distorting the image. According to the book “watchful eye”, people with certain vision problems should choose lenses that meet your needs. There is a general rule in this regard. The best option is that, during the appointment with the eye doctor, this aspect of the choice is clear.
  • Lens colors. Gray/brown are the colors with excellent UV protection, reduces glare and eyestrain. These are recommended for sports and for the snow, the beach. The best option for the Brazilian conditions. Are the favorite colors of the people. Experts indicate not to choose those “escuronas”. Already the colorful (pink, yellow, blue) also have other specific functions.
  • Polarized lenses. Important to who performs some kind of sport (cycling, running, water sports). The polarized lens blocks the brightness and light of flat surfaces. With that, she offers a good peripheral vision and allows the imperfections of a flat surface are displayed better, according to the book “watchful eye”. It’s not a mandatory item, but can be a plus. A lot depends on the type of use.
  • Snow? It’s not cool, it’s necessity. Who goes to that kind of place should opt for dark glasses with side protection.
  • Fashion is your way. Sunglasses should match your face, be weighed and not to cause trouble. Those who “fit” better with you is your fashion!

Unfortunately, to buy sunglasses in Brazil is not easy with this lack of regulation. In many cases, their own shops fail to provide adequate information to consumers.

For this, consult an eye specialist can be critical and help a lot. Not to mention that this professional has adequate facilities to evaluate the glasses.