How To Choose The Best Earring For Your Face

Your face has a unique beauty, for sure, but it can be valued by choosing the right accessory. Maybe so from time to time it happens that you look in the mirror and have the feeling that something is not as it should be, but you can not define what it is. Well, this happens to everyone, at least until you understand how the face shape can influence the choice of earrings, for example.

The first step is to identify in which type of face your fit and then understand how to achieve perfect matching with the accessory, favoring each peculiarity of your physiognomy. The idea is to seek balance by playing with the shapes and weight of the earrings.

Define The Shape Of Your Face

First of all, you need to define the shape of your face. Oval? Round Remember that it can also change over time according to age, weight, etc. This varies greatly from person to person.

Then go to the front of the mirror and think which of the six types is yours: long, oval, round, rectangular, square, triangle, diamond, inverted triangle or heart. Pay attention to the proportions, whether the face is longer than wide, or as wide as long, for example, and in relation to width and compliance. Then, analyze the angle of your face according to the shape of the chin, whether it is sharper, more rounded or square.

Tips For Your Look Look More Beautiful With The Right Earrings

Now that you have defined the shape of your face, see how to match the earrings with it and make your look look more beautiful.

Oval – This kind of face is considered perfect because it looks good with just about any kind of earring, just like glasses and haircut. Use the earrings with good sense, of course, but you can choose any size or shape according to your taste.

Round – If your face is round, run away from the earrings in that format so as not to make it even rounder. Also avoid earrings that are full and too close to your ear. Rather, try contrasting with earrings in a geometric way, which will gently highlight your strokes. Give preference to long, thin, oval or pointed earrings.

Square – Likewise, flee from square earrings and from those that give even more volume to the area near the jawbone so as not to make your face more square still or heavy. In this case the ideal are round, oval or medium-size thin pendants ending before the chin.

Inverted triangle or heart – Now it is the opposite, you must give more volume in the height of the jaw, to compensate for the fact that the forehead is much wider than the chin. Stone earrings, pendants, with the widest bottom are the ideal, in any format.

Diamond – Apples protruding, jaw and forehead narrow. Balance the face with small or medium earrings, with little volume, preferably triangular or oval, or large enough to make volume at the jaw.

Triangle – As the forehead is smaller the jaw, prefer earrings that balance this proportion, with volume closer to the ear. Of medium size, they can also be oval or triangular, but inverted.

Rectangular or long – Medium or large earrings of any shape are ideal, but make sure that most of your volume is on the sides, not the vertical. Avoid lengthy, long, thin earrings.

Pay Attention To Hair Compliance

Now that you already know how to choose the right earring according to the type of your face, see how to harmonize them also with the fulfillment of the hair.

Very short  – The very short hair looks very sexy with maxi earrings, especially those of pedrarias. The rings are also very beautiful.

Short / medium  – Those who have hair at the nape of the neck, such as the Chanel style, for example, look good with more delicate earrings, small or medium, that shatter with the base of the strings. If you want to use the maxi, try putting your hair behind your ear so that they stand out, sensing the look.

Long – All harmonize earring sizes perfectly with long hair, even when they are stuck in coke or horse cord. Enjoy!