How to Choose the Right Jeans

Who knows how many times have you wondered how to choose the right jeans and who knows how many times you have tried many without being able to find a real solution. There are some useful tips to avoid mistakes, to avoid buying a denim pants that, instead of enhancing the shapes and slender, flattened and degrades the silhouette. Unfortunately it happens too often, but there are many solutions, are you ready to discover them? In this article, in fact, we reveal how to choose jeans to your figure.

Try all kinds of jeans

It might not seem like a particularly accurate advice but it’s certainly the most correct of any. Every woman has her curves and its strengths and you certainly can standardize all explaining that who is high is a good model and who is petite in stature another lest they just really. What we recommend, then, try them all, or go to a big store, choose different types of jeans defined by loverists, from skinny to wide bottom, by that boyfriend to a model with a high waist, go into the dressing room and realize outfits. You will realize that some don’t donate, and please be objective and sincere with yourself, and others you will design of fine lines. Sometimes it depends on the model but from washing or even by the fabric, because there are various types of denim, the more raw and hard to light and stretch. Therefore, put them to the test in order to find the jeans fit.

Choose the skinny jeans

Wear skinny jeans, in recent seasons, is practically a must. There’s the wearer with sneakers and who, cunning, with heels, but it’s also true that gives all. You don’t have to be skinny and tall to wear them, indeed, have a beautiful silhouette even to those who have a normal body but in this case the washing does very, because those faded or dark on average at the Center are far better than those.

Choose flared jeans

The swing effect on bottom helps to balance your figure. Choose and wear jeans a zampa is ideal for those with shapely thighs and want to slim your figure. The edge of the Pant opens and optically makes it seem the longer leg.

Choose the capri jeans

Is a good solution especially in summer but it is also true that it is very risky. In this way the leg optically is broken by the fabric so the end effect is never super feminine and you have to have in this case, the slender legs, especially the calf and ankle, to appear at the top.

Choose high waist jeans

Who wants to contain a bit the abdomen may prefer the high-waisted jeans, worn with a blouse with a more comfortable t-shirts. Remember that you don’t need to be high to help slim the figure but it is important that they are comfortable and that there they force too, otherwise you will feel tight all the time and you can look forward to remove them.

Choose the low rise jeans

Is an option that we would recommend to younger and who has a nice flat stomach. In recent years are those that we find in stores but it is also true that not everyone can get them easily. If you have the stomach a bit saggy these aren’t definitely recommended because have anything but slender silhouette. To be clear, you don’t have to be a size 38 to wear them, because the low rise jeans can wear them even those hips wider if the abdomen is more or less smooth.