How to Clean Pearl Yourself

The pearls are part of that category of jewelry among the most famous and valuable and are highly sought after by women of all ages. Unfortunately, one of the special features distinguishing them is that perfumes, perspiration, makeup and whatever else they risk ruining these charming jewelry. They can become more opaque or turn yellow with time, but you must wear them often to keep their color and their luster always in the best state. Luckily, between traditional remedies is a convenient and efficient method that will allow you to clean especially well your pearls. This solution, together with a bit of perseverance and a lot of delicacy, will give your precious a long and brilliant life.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Pearls
  • Soft cloth (flannel or chamois leather)
  • Olive oil

You should never treat with degreasers or overly aggressive, because they need a lot of hydration and care. So if you are going to proceed with some maintenance, trying to remove stains or classic patina of dirt that you create after you use and handled your pearls, get yourself a good cloth: I recommend a soft lint releases. Slightly dampen the cloth and pour over it a few drops of olive oil, then gently wipe the pearls. To get into tight corners you can also use a toothbrush, but with very soft bristles. If you are satisfied with the results so far obtained, review your pearls with another dry cloth, always of the same type used before, and let air dry.

An important tip that must be given in such cases is that you should sprinkle the jewelry whenever you stop wearing them. This will help you eliminate surface dirt and avoid that accumulate over time, making the job more difficult. To clean your pearls will do that you stroke with a cloth as used for cleaning itself, and then be aware that in the jewelry box. Doing so will remove quickly and securely even traces of creams, perfumes, or a great trick that can stain or damage the pearls.

If you have followed all the procedure, do not store pearls in a casket immediately after they have been treated with cloth and oil. The most important advice I can give you is just to wear these jewels so versatile and elegant at the same time, because they are suitable to be worn during the day. In addition to the constant maintenance, these precious have an absolute need to absorb sunlight. With these small steps will you return to your jewelry not only live longer, but also to show their value, not surprisingly, is measured in particular by shine.


Never forget:

  • If the smell of olive oil were to give you trouble, you can resort to the tricks of Indian jewelers and use of more pleasant coconut oil you find in herbal medicine or international convenience store on the cheap.
  • A very effective cloth to be used is that of flannel or chamois leather.