How to Combine a White Blouse

A white blouse combines different 6 x

Each of us has one of them in the closet. But how do I combine them correctly? We show you the most beautiful blouses – perfectly styled for every occasion.


Airy and so convenient! The transparent blouse has put an extra wide cut best in the League of the Maxi skirt. By the soft colors, the combination is festive-so perfect for summer parties. Beautiful embroidery: the yellow leather bag.

Blouse, approx. 140 euro, Gr. 34-42, silk mix, Minx. Chain, about 10 euros, metal, accessorize. Rock, about 70 euros, Gr. 36-42, synthetic fibre, Monari. Bag, approx. 110 euros, leatherette, Evelin Brandt. flip-flops, approx. 50 euro, 36-42, G., leather, Bugatti.


Plus Strip-and already the maritime look is finished blue and white blouse decorated via ANYBLOUSES.COM. So it doesn’t look like a uniform, we let outburst a colored shirt under the shirt. Well, then off to the sea!

Blouse, about 10 euros, Gr. XS-XL, synthetic fibre, Takko. Chain, about 10 euros, accessorize. Rock, about 96 euros, Gr. 34-42, silk mix, Eve in paradise. Clutch, about 70 euros, Gr. 32-48, BW-mix, ground. Flip-flops, about 70 euros, leatherette, Picard 6 about 110 euros, Gr. 35-42, leather, La Botte Gardiane.


Bermuda shorts and a sleeveless blouse are super for a trip: airy easily and quickly. Thanks to the metallic accessories and the sweater in petrol, it will still not boring.

Sweater approx. 80 euro, GR 34-42, wool, Kookaï. Sleeveless blouse, approx. 80 euro, Gr. 34-42, synthetic fibre, passport. Belt, CA. 8 euro, leatherette, C & A. bermudas, approx. 90 euro, Gr. 36-46, BW-mix, Brax. Sandals. about 100 euro, Gr. 37-41, leather, UniSA. Shopper, about 150 euro, calfskin, Minx.


I’m sure some courage is part of the wild patterned pants. But you can rely on the blouse with stand-up collar and cording: brings you instantly order and peace in the modern outfit.

Cardigan approx. 180 euro, Gr. 34-42, BW-mix, Blacky dress. Chain, CA. 8 euro, synthetic fibre, Bijou Brigitte. Blouse, approx. 15 euro, Gr. XS – XXL, cotton, C & A. pants, approx. 15 euro, Gr. 34-48, cotton, C & A. clutch, approx. 120 euro, leather, abro. Flip-flops, approx. 50 euro, Gr. 36-42, artificial leather, xyxyx.


Jeans and white blouse? This combination is really getting. With two different coloured belts, and the rose-colored clutch, the more serious look is easily suitable for leisure.

Blouse, about 70 euros, Gr. 34-48, cotton, Gerry Weber. Blue belt, about 12 euros, leatherette, C & A. of yellow belt, approx. 20 euro, leather, C & A. jeans, about 120 euro, Gr. 36-42, BW mix, Raffaello Rossl. Clutch, about 70 euros, leatherette, Picard. Ballerinas around 60 euros, GR 36-42, leather, Buffalo.


You want to go to the Opera or have an important job appointment in the evening? You’re perfectly dressed with button blouse and a long pencil skirt. Tip: To the black peep-toes don’t forget fire red to paint the toenails.

Blouse, approximately 29 euros, Gr. 36-50, synthetic fibre, C & A. Rock, about 100 euro, Gr. 36-42, synthetic fibre, Minx. Handbag, approximately 170 euro, leather, Picard. Peep-toes, around 60 euros, Gr. 35-42, suede, Tamaris.