How to Correctly Wear a Tie

Whether for a wedding, work, or for an evening, it is important for your image to appear elegant. Once the suit and shoes chosen, you have the ultimate accessory that will stand out: the tie.

Whether you like it or not, the tie is the first thing people notice about your outfit. It is therefore important not to make a mistake that could harm your look.

So today, diseaseslearning will identify for you 5 mistakes to avoid at all costs when you have to wear a tie.

Bad Match His Tie With His Shirt

It is certainly the most visible and the most common error: wrong match colors. The tie is before all a fashion accessory: it should bring an extra touch to your outfit. Imagine wearing you a flesh-colored watch? No interest. It goes the same for any accessory.

The reasoning is the same concerning the size of the grounds. You can learn more about our article on how to match your tie.

A Badly Done Tie Knot

Oscar Wilde said: “a kind of way tie is the first serious step in life”, and we tend to agree. Take the time to learn how to make a nice knot to tie. To avoid a tie too short or too long, as well as a spacing between the collar of your shirt and your tie by selecting the node adapted to your shirt collar. The simple fact of having a well-executed node shows that you care about your appearance, that you do not neglect.

Kitsch Ties

This type of tie can be worn in certain circumstances:

  • your child you gave it as a gift and you wear it to make her happy.
  • you participate in a Carnival.
  • you want to entertain your friends at a party.

Apart from these circumstances, we recommend to keep most often possible at the bottom of your closet.

Tie Too Short Or Too Long

Wrong to set the length of your tie when tie it can be catastrophic, as you can see from these images. Remember to adjust the height of your pans when realize you your node. Tip: the small pan should get slightly above your navel to the first stage of tie (works for most body types). You can adjust the size of your bust.

A Stained Or Wrinkled Tie

Don’t forget that your tie first attracts the gaze of others. It’s a shame that a task or unsightly folds come ruin the rest of your outfit.