How to Deal with Oversized Shoes

I’m sure some of you have already experienced the following situation: After eternal search one discovers when shoe shopping finally the object of desire, only to find that exact need is sold out.Frustration! Because the shoes look really great and are obendrein favorable. A volatile fitting later, the decision is made: a number larger is bought. Disillusion follows with the second carry.What can I do if the shoe is too big?

Patience Is A Virtue

One possibility is the exchange. Even if the separation from the new achievement is difficult.Reimbursement of the purchase price is straightforward for most merchants. However, a new search for adequate replacement takes time, which is sometimes simply not there. In addition, how much is probably again such a bargain?  What can I do if the exchange is no longer an option?

What Does Not Fit…?

In this case, liners are the best and easiest solution. They reduce the space in the shoe and offer the foot more support. For closed shoes, you can access thin leather soles or gel padding. The inserts support the foot and additionally dampen your kick. This protects the joints and ensures a comfortable gait. In winter you can use felts, for example. Or thick wool socks. Or both! Main feature of the foot sits perfectly in the shoe. And by the way, your feet are wrapped warm! Terry soles are ideal for light summer shoes. Fairly practical, because the insoles absorb moisture and prevent sweating feet.

…Is Made Suitable!

The alternative to the insert is the heel cushion. Politicsezine recommends you to put air or gel-filled pads into the heel area of ​​the shoes, especially pumps and ballerinas. The padding improves the hold in the area of ​​the heel, thus avoiding slipping out of the shoe. Since the pads lose volume after some time, they must be replaced regularly. My tip: practiced hobbyists can produce heel pads from simple utensils themselves. For example with a make-up sponge: For this purpose you can cut the sponge with a scissors and fix it with double-sided tape in the shoe. The Do-It-Yourself heel pad is finished. I admit, this requires some patience, but works perfectly!

Let me know if you have any more tips! In the I’m walking shop you will find beside the big size also the matching;) Look over!