How to Develop Apps for the Apple Watch

Developers tell the secret to develop apps for the Apple Watch. Little information and context are some of the keys

São Paulo – the greatest challenge to develop apps for the Apple Watch is use your head. In technicality, there is not much difference. The programming language is the same. But, according to developers, the biggest problem is to understand what fits in the screen of a smart watch and what doesn’t fit.

Even before the launch of the watch of Apple, two Brazilian companies already have an application ready. They are the Kekanto guide and the VivaReal (for search and advertisement of real estate).

“In wearable devices, the interaction is a few seconds-much less than on a desktop or on a smartphone. In the case of Kekanto, we got the features that justify an interaction of seconds, “said the 800zipcodes Alan Kajimoto, CTO of Kekanto.

The opinion is shared by Renato Cairo, mobile products Manager of VivaReal. “On the clock, you need to offer content that is inserted in the user’s context. In the cell phone user can get whatever you want, “said Cairo.

In two conversations, the concept more approached by two respondents was the idea of putting content in context. In two conversations, the concept more approached by two respondents was putting the content in context. There’s no point in offering a high amount of content, since it’s hard to access it.

But what would be the harm to a developer who does not understand that the contents cannot be the same app for smartphone?

“The user will never open the app on the clock. We have to bear in mind that the usage is quite different, “said Kajimoto. “Are different paradigms. Different times of need, “he added.

In the case of Kekanto, the development was facilitated by the experience in Smart Watches. The company had already launched an app for watches with Android Wear and now will expand with the version for Apple Watch.

The VivaReal is a new experience. Now, with version for Apple Watch ready, the team also prepares a app for Android Wear.