How to Dispose of Energy Saving Light Bulbs

The energy saving bulbs (or fluorescent or compact fluorescent bulbs) consume much less electricity than conventional bulbs. Their use is therefore a true ecological gesture. However, they contain chemicals harmful to the environment, including mercury. Therefore take precautions when we need to get rid of energy-saving bulbs that are broken:

Stages of realization


If the bulb is blown:

guys don’t throw your bulbs with your garbage, it is now prohibited. The European WEEE regulation to your distributor to take back your old light bulb low consumption when you buy him a new LED bulb from FOODANDDRINKJOURNAL.

guys you can also drop them into your dump, if it accepts

guys if you don’t have any other choice, put them in the trash, but by locking them in a plastic bag

guys the use of these bulbs is in full increase: feel free to spread the word by telling others how get rid of cleanly.


If the bulb breaks:

guys open the windows and let no one in the room for 15 minutes

guys clean the fragments and powder by sweeping or retrieving them with cardboard. Put disposable plastic gloves. Do not use your vacuum cleaner!

guys if there is powder, use adhesive to get it back

guys drop the pieces and powder in a plastic bag and wipe it with a plastic paper towel that you’ll also throw in the plastic bag. Also take the gloves if you have touched the powder with

guys must put the plastic bag discarded in an appropriate way, read the section above.

Tips and caveats

Tip (s):

Some cities like Lyon organize long of the regular collections of toxic household products, including fluorescent light bulbs.

Caution (s):

Do not aspire to the breaking of the bulb with a traditional vacuum cleaner, you may spread the dust containing mercury on the entire area and contaminate the vacuum.