How to Do Makeup for a Night Out

It has something that makes a woman more than makeup? For any occasion has a make combining. But when we talk of events the night, the makeup can not be left out in any way.

The make night to have to be more sophisticated than make up for the day. You should use more colors and can not forget the glow.

The first thing to know is that you have to do a makeup on your style, no matter if it is not common, if people say they did not match the lipstick with the shadow, or the make did not match clothing. Makeup does not rule!

Another thing you can not forget according to, regardless of the make you go to and for what occasion: correct and standardize the skin. If you have oily skin and can not be passing any basis, it is worth making an investment in a special concealer for oily skin.

Standardize the skin with the base smoothly, not to be so obvious, after all the secret of makeup is to stay as natural as possible. Then correct the imperfections just putting concealer dots on them, and in the end put lightly dust with a thick brush.

If you have very thin eyebrow or failed, pass a pencil with the most similar tone as possible to the tone of the your brow or a brown shade using a brush.

For the night, the main thing is well mark the eyes, marked eyes give an air “Irresistible” to make. Another tip to make the night is clear with a silver shiny just below the eyebrow and above the cheekbones.

There are those little tricks also for those who have very together eyes, brighten the corner of his eye, with the same silver I spoke up. And for those who have very separated eyes, the ideal is dark corner.

Marked eye does not mean black eye, okay? What you have to do is smudge with a dark shadow the concave eye, always leaving the area close to bleached eyebrow to give the highlight.

To give that night touch, too esfume the area immediately below the eyes, the lower lashes. Use a black or brown pencil in the upper and lower lashes and darken those areas.

And finally, capriche the mask layers for cilia to give volume.

As the eye will be well marked, avoid putting a very dark color on the lips, look just use a pencil and fill mouth with a lipstick color mouth or rosinha. Look also use thick brush with a blush on the apples of the area and the T-zone (chin, nose and forehead).

If you like something more colorful, you can use the dark shadow in the eyes of the hollow just above the cilia, the light shade shiny just below the eyebrow and the colored area in the middle and on the sides, the “output” of the eyes.

Using these tips, you will be ready to rock in your night.